IBPSGraminBankRRBs Placement-Paper : 42863

Bhartiya Mahila Bank, the first nationalised bank for women expected to be operational from November 2013.

Main Objective of Bhartiya Mahila Bank
The main objective of Bhartiya Mahila Bank is to focus on the banking needs of the women and promote economic empowerment. It will also addresses the gender related issues and helpful in financial inclusion.

Headquarter of Bharitiya Mahila Bank and branches

• The proposed bank will be headquartered in New Delhi.
• It will start with 6 branches in North, South, West, Central and North Eastern part of the country. Bharatiya Mahila Bank proposes to complete the first six branches at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Indore and Guwahati by October 15.
About Bharitiya Mahila Bank

• The bank aims to service women and women-run businesses, support women’s self-help groups and their livelihoods and promote further financial inclusion in a country where only 35 percent of Indian adults have access to a bank account.
• An only-for-women bank first time in India.
• The announcement to set up all Women’s bank was made by Finance Minister of India P Chidambaram in the Budget speech 2013-14.
• The Cabinet cleared the proposal for setting up of all-women bank on August 2013.
• The government has approved 1000 crore Rupees seed capital for Bhartiya Mahila Bank.
• Reserve Bank of India gave its in-principal approval for the Bharatiya Mahila Bank in June 2013 and the banking company is being set up

1. World observed the World Refugee Day for the first time in the year?
a) 2001
b) 1998
c) 1991
d) 2003
Answer: (a) 2001

2. World Music Day is celebrated every year on?
a) 21 June, the day of Summer Solstice
b) 22 June, the day of summer solstice
c) 21 December, day of winter Solstice
d) 20 December, day of winter Solstice
Answer: (a) 21 June, the day of Summer Solstice

3. What is the meaning of the word, Fête de la Musique?
a) Music is everywhere
b) World Music Day
c) Music is life
d) Life without Music
Answer: (b) World Music Day

4. World Music Day for the first time was celebrated in the year and in which city?
a) 2001, Paris
b) 1982, Paris
c) 1990, Scotland
d) 1876, New York
Answer: (b) 1982, Paris

5. On which day, the World Refugee Day is observed across the world?
a) 21 June
b) 20 June
c) 23 June
d) 17 June
Answer: (b) 20 June

6. The World Bank in June 2013 slashed its growth forecast for China’s economy for 2013 to _________percent from 8.4 percent. In its report, the World Bank stated that the main risk related to China remains the possibility that high investment rates prove unsustainable, provoking a disorderly unwinding and sharp economic slowdown.
a) 7.7 percent
b) 7.2 percent
c) 8.1 percent
d) 6.5 percent
Answer: (a) 7.7 percent

7. The Government of Pakistan in June 2013 decided to declare a Sikh shrine ________ as a holy city. The government will initiate steps for sorting out the issues related to the welfare of the Sikhs, who live at the pilgrimage site.
a) Bal Lilah Nankana Sahib
b) Panja Sahib
c) Patti Sahib
d) Mall Ji Sahib
Answer: (b) Panja Sahib

8. Trail of the seven Pakistanis including Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi LeT Commander, who are the prime accused of the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks in June 2013 was shifted to a new antiterrorism court in ___________from the antiterrorism court in Rawalpindi.
a) Lahore
b) Multan
c) Baluchistan
d) Islamabad
Answer: (d) Islamabad

9. India signed an agreement for loan of __________ million US dollars with World Bank for the National AIDS Control Project (NACP-IV) in New Delhi on 18 June 2013. The Objective of the project is to increase safe behaviors among high risk groups in order to contribute to India’s national goal of reversal of the HIV epidemic by 2017.
a) 300
b) 255
c) 225
d) 150
Answer: (b) 255

10. Name the golfer, who won the Scottish Open title in a sudden-death play-off on 14 July 2013 played at Castle Stuart in Inverness in Northern Scotland?
a. J.B. Hansen
b. Tiger Woods
c. Jyoti Randhawa
d. Phil Mickelson
Answer: (d)

11. The measurements by Curiosity rover of NASA re-instated the fact that Mars was mostly composed of which gas?
a. Nitrogen
b. Hydrogen
c. Methane
d. Carbon Dioxide
Answer: (d)

12. The World’s first mission to South Pole of the Moon for installation of _________ was announced in July 2013. Fill in the blank with an appropriate option.
a. Permanent Satellite
b. Permanent Telescope
c. Permanent Observatory
d. Permanent Radar
Answer: (b)

13. When was the Nepal-India Economic Cooperation Programme launched?
a) 1964
b) 2001
c) 2011
d) 1951
Answer:(d) 1951

14. Name the school with which Indian embassy signed an MoU to help in development of the school building in Nepal.
a) Nepal Higher Secondary School
b) Kapilvastu School for Secondary Education
c) Shree Higher Secondary School
d) Janak Higher Secondary School
Answer: (c) Shree Higher Secondary School

15. United State of America on 18 June 2013 announced that it will held direct peace talks with Taliban. The announcement from US came after Taliban opened its first political office at ______________. The office has been opened to help in ending the 12 years old conflict. To bring the talks in process, US agreed to drop the series of preconditions that have held back the negotiations, previously.
a) Dubai
b) Doha, Qatar
c) Yemen
d) Oman
Answer: (b) Doha, Qatar

16. Name the body of Afghanistan appointed by Hamid Karzai to negotiate with elements of the Taliban for Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program.
a) High Peace Council
b) Peace Council of Afghanistan
c) Afghanistan peace Council
d) The Peace Council for Afghan negotiation
Answer: (a) High Peace Council

17. Afcons Infrastructure signed a memorandum of understanding with which state government of India for setting up 250-crore Rupees fabrication yard for the oil as well as gas platforms?
a) Maharashtra Government
b) Gujarat Government
c) Tamil Nadu Government
d) Karnataka Government
Answer: (b) Gujarat Government

18. The Supreme Court of India on 24 July 2013 slapped contempt notices on two Sahara firms for not complying with its order of refunding around 19000 crore rupees to investors. Which body filed the contempt petition against Sahara firms?
a) The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
b) Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Aulthority (PFRDA)
c) Forward Markets Commission (FMC)
d) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
Answer: (d) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

19. According to the recent satellite images, deforestation has dropped down by around one-third since 2000 in which rainforests of Africa?
a) Zaïre basin
b) Congo Basin
c) Amazon Rainforest
d) None of these
Answer: (b) Congo Basin

20. INSAT-3D was launched successfully by the European rocket from the spaceport of Kourou in French Guiana on 26 July 2013. What is the purpose of INSAT-3D?
a) To provide technological experience in building and operating a satellite system
b) To provide experience in building and operating a payload experiment three-axis stabilised communication satellite
c) For multipurpose communication: business communication, developmental communication, and mobile communication
d) Meteorological Satellite with advanced weather monitoring payloads
Answer: (d) Meteorological Satellite with advanced weather monitoring payloads

21. Which automobile company became first automaker to participate in Greenhouse Gas Reporting Programme in India on 23 July 2013?
a) Ford Motor Company
b) General Motors
c) Maruti Suzuki
d) Mahindra and Mahindra Limited
Answer: (a) Ford Motor Company

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