NABARD Placement-Paper : 38896

Hi Friends,
I have recently attended an interview by NABARD for the post of AM (Electrical) RDBS. Just want 2 share my experience with you
The interview was of video conferencing in nature.
4 panel members (ofcourse they were not at all friendly).
Some of the questions were.
* What is Rural Electrification Project?
* Why did Banks got nationalised?
* What do you know abt BRIC Countries?
* What is knee point voltage of transformer?
* What are the different types of LT Cables?
* Why don’t v prefer non conventional sources of energy to conventional sources?
And so may questions from our present working field. It was  a bad one 4 me. I couldn’t say much and also not expecting to be in the list.
May this might help others in future. God Bless and Good luck!
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