ICICI Placement-Paper : Numerical Comprehension

Hi Friends,

Thanks to placement week and their paper contributor. I had given ICICI PO Recruitment exam in July-August 2010 for the post of asst. manager Band 1 profile and the pattern for the test is simple

We had simple written test in which we have 4 part:


* Verbal Comprehension

* Numerical Comprehension

* Logical reasoning

* Analytical Ability

And after 15 days period i got the mail regarding GD and PI at the same place from where i had appeared for the written exam.

And i appeared for GD and PI.

In GD we were the group of 10 People and we have to discuss on money money sweet money(Distribution of money to each dept as the president of college student welfare)

And to our surprise we all 10 people get through the GD and after GD there was a PI

Where one girl and one lady had taken my interview they asked following questions?

Int: Strength and weakness and why these are my strength and weakness?
Me: Told
Int: Why banking why not IT (as i was from it field)
Me: Told that banking is secure compared to IT
Int: Why ICICI? Why not Govt Banks?
Me: ICICI is best and better than govt banks in every case
Int: Asked me to sell her pen
Me: I tried a lot to do that
Int: Operations or sales
Me: Any
Int: Asked for choice
Me: Operations
Int: Why not sales?
Me: Told that i want to interact with people
Int: So if we send you to assam?
Me: It will be ok

And many more questions this HR interview go around 30 minutes.

At last after 3 Months i got the result that i am in for February 2011 Batch.

Wish you Best of Luck for Your Future.

Thanks placemnet week And dear contributors

Well Wisher

Great Mark d’souza, Bangalore.

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