SouthIndianBank-SIB Placement-Paper : GK questions

SIB South Indian Bank campus recruitment for P.O. post on 3rd feb 2013,SIB selection procedure,SIB campus recruitment written test process
SIB campus recruitment written test pattern
Time limit :90 Minutes
No of sections like
GK and Current affairs :20
Verbal ability :20
Reasoning :20
Computer knowledge :15
Each questions carry 5 options

GK questions some I remember I shared here..

1.where did paraolympics 2012 take place?
2.who is the chairman of NIC(national planning council)?
ans:Sam Pitroda
3.Director of Life of pie?
ans. Ang Lee
4.Author of harry potter?
5.Who determines saving bank interest?
ans:banks alone

Analytical Qns were took most of time.So it is better to attempt it at the end.
Computer knowledge qns were easier of all,anybody can answer..

Verbal and reasoning qns were easier. syllogisms also asked.

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