Venue: Transist Facility-II, Nr.BEL, NDA Road, Pashan,Pune Date:- 17th November 07
Hi, Friends
I have appeared in DRDO interview for Scientist-B at Pune on 17th November 2007.First all candidates have to sit in waiting room at venue center and give sign for presence. It will be better for guys to go with tie and black shoe. Tea or Coffee provided in waiting room and go for documents verification & submission of their required Bio-data form one bye one in administrative office according to list of candidates.(They have called 12 candidates on that day).At that time Interview was started in sequence. Average time taken for interview is half hour. In the interview room there was five members. One chairman, two internal members and two external members.

When you enter inside interview room you have to sit in front of  board members. One will first demand for your project report and one ask about your interesting subject of your discipline. Then different board member ask question about your interesting subjects. If you are answering right way then they can take you in brief to map your abilities. Then member who has taken your project report will ask about your project work. I am highlighting questionnaires below which I have faced in interview. I am belongs to CSE so I have told Data Structure, Microprocessor and Computer Networks from my interesting subjects.
Board Member-I (Chairman)
1) What is your Name?
2) Which College you are belongs to?
3) Types of network cables?
4) Building structure of all that cables and differences?

Board Member-II (External)
1) Why microprocessor is called 8/16 bit processor?
2) What is diff between 8/16 bit processor?
3) Why lower address data/address buses are multiplexed?
4) Diff between data and address bus?
5) Use of buses in microprocessor?
6) How many address location will addressed with 16 address line?
7) Function of cache memory?

Board Member-III (External)
1) What you will do for database loss and recovery?
2) What is DDL and DML which command are belongs to both?
3) What will be radix sort time complexity by big ohh method?
4) Use of Data dictionary?
5) What is schema?
6) What is use of Data Flow Diagram (DFD)?

Board Member-IV (Internal) (About my project of Z39.50 protocol development)
1) What is your project of protocol?
2) What facilities are provided by this protocol and usefulness?
3) What you have developed and where it is useful?
4) In which layer Z39.50 protocol works?
5) What you will do for connect to computers generally?
6) What type of network eshtablished in your office and which cable is used?
7) Have you heard about RED?
8) What is pass by value and pass by reference in programming?

Board Member-V (Internal)
1) What is XML?
2) Where you have used XML in you project?(my project also have XML use)
3) What is use of your project for in that organization?
4) Where is Z39.50 protocol useful in application?

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