I have appeared for DRDO SET exam held on 7th Sep 2008.I belongs to Electronics and Communication branch. The paper was not very tough. As given in the DRDO syllabus there were questions from all 8 topics. There were in all 150 questions, 100 technical with a negative marking of  1 per wrong answer and 4 for right one, and 50 from logical, spatial, conceptual, abstract, and numerical reasoning with a negative marking of 0.5 per wrong answer and 2 for right one. Total duration is of 3 hours.
For electronics branch the technical questions include –
–         From networks (in all 10-12 questions), some simple circuits were given and current-voltage in some branch was asked.
–         On wye-delta formula
–         Question on graphs, cut set matrix etc.
–         On maximum power transfer theorem and superposition principle.
–         From electron devices (in all 4-5 questions), on JFET pinch off voltage formula
–         P-well fabrication process
–         PIN diode
–         Mobility of electron and proton
–         From analog (in all 9-10 questions), to find output of a subtractor opamp circuit
–         Some diode circuit was given and asked which diode is on and off and the net voltage at output.
–         On opamp integrator circuit output.
–         From digital (in all 9-10 questions), to find 2’s complement.
–         One Boolean function was given for reducing.
–         On properties of logic families like which family among following has maximum propagation delay etc..
–         On resolution formula of ADC-DAC’s
–         About interrupts in microprocessors, like which one is level or edge triggered.
–         No program was given to find output but something was asked about 1 command.
–         From signals and systems (in all 7-8 questions), formula based question to find transforms.
–         Some function was given and was asked to find whether it is causal, time-variant, linear etc or not.
–         From control systems (in all 7-8 questions), 1 on PID controller equation.
–         1 function was given and its signal flow graph was asked.
–         On root loci angle formula.
–         To find electrical analogue of given mechanical elements, match the column type.
–         From communication (in all 9-10 questions), some on mean, power spectral density, probability density function etc…
–         To find image frequency in super-heterodyne receiver.
–         On SNR.
–         1 to find entropy with given probabilities.
–         1 on GSM.
–         From electromagnetics (in all 7-8 questions), on divergence theorem.
–         1 on integral form of Maxwell’s equation, we have to choose wrong one out
–         Some on plane waves between 2 media.
–         Single and multi mode index fiber
–         On antenna, to find radiation pattern of given dipole etc.
The questions were mostly formula based and do not require much calculations. The reasoning question includes current affairs, about DRDO products, 10-12th mathematics, English, diagrammatic questions etc….. Some are-
–         Where is Sarnath located? Ans- Varanasi (U.P.)
–         When was DRDO established? Ans- 1954
–         SAMYUKTA is used by whom army, navy or air force? Ans- Army
–         HUMSA is used for.
–         About 1 type of pea which DRDO has introduced.
–         Acrophobia is the fear from what? Ans- Heights
–         To find particular solution of given differential equation.
–         On A.P., G.P. formula.
–         Some on complex numbers.
–         Some 4-5 words were given and was asked to find out how many are spelt incorrectly.
–         Some questions were to find out punctuation and grammatical errors.
–         Some figures were given and rotated in some direction. We have to complete the sequence. Nearly 6-7 questions were there on such spatial reasoning.
My advice is just go through all the topics, do not leave any topics. And refer www.drdr.org regarding DRDO products. Rest reasoning can be done on the spot. Please pay attention to technical part more. Please pray for me.
All the best for other aspirants

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