Intelligence bureau IB examination on 15 the Sept 2013.

Intelligence bureau IB examination on 15 the Sept 2013.


I attended Intelligence bureau examination on 15 the Sept 2013.Here I am sharing some questions based on my memory which will help you guys for your preparation. Although the paper was tough and I started my preparation just a week before the examination. I visited lot of website for current affairs and previous year examination paper. From all of these was the best provider of previous year solved papers and some current affairs questions.

Some question asked in IB 2013 exam

1 Who was awarded tha jnanpith Award 2012 ?

2 India’s 1st indigenous nuclear submarine

3 CPU consists of

4 Where is Gwadar Port ?

5 Hasan Rouhani is president of which country ?

6 World badminton championship 2013 held in

7 Which animal has longest pregnancy period ?

8 Bharat ratan was established in which year

9. who has played lead role of Mikha Singh in Bhag Milkha Bhag film

10. convert 567 to binary no

11. Community development program started in ……

12 . The impeachment of president can be initiated in ……

13. How many members can be nominated to Rajya Sabha by President ?

14. President of Iran

The exam was little bit tough and I Don’t remember the essay questions.
Preparing for such exams is very important, and update your current affairs and general knowledge

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