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LIC Reasoning Questions with answers

1.  If in the word VITREOUS all the consotants are first arranged alphabetically, and then all the vowels are arranged alphabetically, which letter will be second to the right of fourth from the left ?
(a)   S
(b)   T
(c)    I        (Ans)
(d)    E

2.    If ÷ means ‘-‘ ‘-‘ means ‘+’ ‘+’ means ‘x’ and ‘x’ means ‘ ÷’ then what is the value of 16+5 -90 ÷15x 3 ?
(a)   165      (Ans)
(b)   185
(c)    98
(d)    62

3.    Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?
(a)   Apple
(b)   Pear
(c)   Papaya
(d)   Orange      (Ans)

4.    Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group
(a)  48
(b)  54
(c)  42
(d)  46      (Ans)

5.    In a certain code language, ‘go home now’ is written as ‘ho ka pa’ and ‘come home again’ is written as ‘ka da sa’. How is ‘now’ written in that code language ?
(a)   ka
(b)   ho
(c)   pa
(d)   ho or pa      (Ans)

6.    Q is taller than P.H is not as tall as P.J and R are shorter than H. Who among them is the tallest?
(a)   P
(b)   H
(c)   Q      (Ans)
(d)   J

(a)   JOY
(b)   LAUGHTER      (Ans)
(c)   FROWN
(d)  WEEP

8.   LJH:KKI:: CIA:?
(a)  DBB
(b)  BJB      (Ans)
(c)  CBZ
(d)  BBZ

9.    Ramu walks 2 km towards North and turn to his right and walks 4 km more. He then turns to his right and walk 4 km and turns again to his right and walks another 4 km.
(a)   East
(b)   North
(c)   South
(d)   West       (Ans)

10.   A is the sister of B, B is the brother of C, C is the son of D. How is D related to A ?
(a)    Mother       (Ans)
(b)    Daughter
(c)    Son
(d)    Uncle

11.   A and B alone can complete work in 9 days and 18 days respectively. They worked together. However  3 days before the completion of the work A left. In how many days was the work completed ?
(a)    13
(b)    8      (Ans)
(c)    6
(d)    5

12.   The ratio of two numbers is 4:5 when the first is increased by 20% and the second is decreased by 20%, the ratio of the resulting number is
(a)    4:5
(b)    5:4
(c)    5:6
(d)    6:5      (Ans)

13.    Two trains are running in opposite direction with the same speed. If the length of each train is 120 metres and they cross each other in 12 seconds, the speed of each train (in km/hours) is
(a)    72
(b)    10
(c)    36      (Ans)
(d)    18

14.    A bag contains Rs.90 in coins of denominations of 50 paise, 25 paise and 10 paise. If coins of 50 paise, 25 paise and 10 paise are in the ratio 2:3:5, then the number of 25 coins in the bag is
(a)    80
(b)    120      (Ans)
(c)    100
(d)    135

15.    Difference of two numbers is 1660. If 6% of one number is 8% of the other number, the smallest number is
(a)     7055
(b)    5395      (Ans)
(c)    3735
(d)    2076

16.  The average age of 15 student of a class in 15 years. Out of these the average age of 5 students is 14 years and that of the other 9 students is 16 years. The age of the 15th student is
(a)    11 years      (Ans)
(b)    15 years
(c)    15 years
(d)    14 years

17.    The product of two numbers is 4107. If the H.C.F of the numbers is 37, the greater number is
(a)    185
(b)    111      (Ans)
(c)    107
(d)    101

18.  In an examination 80% of the candidates passed in English and 85% in Mathematics; while 75% passed in both English and Mathematics. If 45 candidates failed in both these subjects then the total number of candidates was
(a)    225
(b)    450      (Ans)
(c)    400
(d)    350

19.    In a box, there are 10 white socks and 16 black sock. what is the minimum number of socks that a blindfolded man should take out to get one pair?
(a)    5
(b)    3      (Ans)
(c)    2
(d)    4

20.    10 goats jum over a fence one after the other in 10 minutes. Then how many goats will jump over the same fence at the same rate in one hour ?
(a)    60
(b)    54
(c)    55      (Ans)
(d)    61

21.    ——-bits equal one byte
(a)    Eight      (Ans)
(b)    Two
(c)    One thousand
(d)    One million

22.    ——- controls the way in which the computer, responsible for processing data
(a)    The platform
(b)    The operating system      (Ans)
(c)    Application software
(d)    The motherboard

23.    The —- also called the “brains” of the computer, is responsible for processing data
(a)    Motherboard
(b)    Memory
(c)    RAM
(d)    Central processing Unit (CPU)      (Ans)

24.    The operation system is the most common type of —–software
(a)    Communication
(b)    Application
(c)    System       (Ans)
(d)    Word -processing

25.    When you quickly press and re-lease the left mouse button, twice, you are ——-
(a)    Primary – Clicking
(b)    Pointing
(c)    Double -clicking      (Ans)
(d)    Secondary – clicking

26.    The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet are called ——
(a)    Cells
(b)    Sheets
(c)    black lines
(d)    gridlines      (Ans)

27.    To delete an incorrect character in a document, ——– to erase to the right of the insertion point
(a)    Press the left mouse key
(b)    double-click the right mouse key
(c)    press the BACKSPACE key
(d)    press the delete key      (Ans)

28.    The ‘Hollerith’ code is used with :
(a)    Magnetic tape
(b)    Punched card      (Ans)
(c)    Floppy disk
(d)    Paper tape

29.    Volatile memory means:
(a)    Fixed memory
(b)    Can make changes
(c)    Content will lose if power fails      (Ans)
(d)    Cannot be erased

30.    A ‘T State’ means:
(a)    Portion of operation in a cycle      (Ans)
(b)   Total time to execute an instruction
(c)    Time to complete one machine cycle
(d)    Operations performed for an instruction

31.    Diamond is harder then grahite because if
(a)    its tetrahedral structure
(b)    Difference in layers of atoms
(c)    Difference of crystalline structure      (Ans)
(d)    Being dried in the sun

32.    A foreign particle that stimulates the formation of antibodies is called a/am
(a)    Receptor
(b)    Histone
(c)    Antibiotic
(d)    Antigen      (Ans)

33.    The function of the tongue is snakes is to —- the food.
(a)    Detect
(b)    Smell      (Ans)
(c)    Catch
(d)    Taste

34.    An enzyme that work in an acidic medium is
(a)    Maltose
(b)    Trypsin
(c)    Pepsin      (Ans)
(d)    ptyalin

35.    How many pairs of salivate glands does the human body have ?
(a)    8
(b)    6
(c)    5
(d)    3      (Ans)

36.    Wilson’s disease is caused by an excess in the human body of
(a)    Cobalt
(b)    Copper      (Ans)
(c)    Iron
(d)    Sodium

37.    The specific test for the detection of tuberculosis is the —–test.
(a)    Kahn’s
(b)    Widal’s
(c)    Robert’s
(d)    Mantoux’s      (Ans)

38.    Mirage is an optical illusion caused by
(a)    Reflection
(b)    Refraction
(c)    Total internal reflection      (Ans)
(d)    Scattering

39.    Which of the following regulates the amount of light entering the eye by adjusting the size of the pupil ?
(a)    Ciliary muscles
(b)    Retina
(c)    Iris      (Ans)
(d)    none of these

40.    In a dry cell, the depolaizer is
(a)    MnO2          (Ans)
(b)   NH4CL
(c)    ZnCL2
(d)    none of these

41.    What is ‘Zero Hour’?
(a)    When the proposals of the opposition are considered
(b)    When matters of utmost importance are raised              (Ans)
(c)    Interval between the morning and afternoon session
(d)    When a Money Bill is introduced in the Lok-Sabha

42.    When the Lok Sabha is dissolve, the Speaker continues in office till a new
(a)    Lok Sabha is formed
(b)    Speaker is appointed by the president
(c)    Speaker is elected when the new House meets       (Ans)
(d)    Government is formed

43.    The first no confidence motion was moved in the Lok Sabha after independence was in the year
(a)    1954
(b)    1960
(c)    1963      (Ans)
(d)    1975

44.    The preamble includes all of the following except
(a)    Fraternity
(b)    Adult franchise       (Ans)
(c)    Justice
(d)    Equality of status

45.    Free and compulsory education for children up to the age of 14 years has been envisaged in the Constitution under its Article
(a)    14
(b)    19
(c)    32
(d)    21(A)      (Ans)

46.    In the Constitution, there is a reference to the development of scientific temper, humanism and spirit of inquiry and reform, in the
(a)    Preamble
(b)    Fundamental right
(c)    Fundamental duties      (Ans)
(d)    Directive principles

47.    The part of the Constitution that deals with the directive principle of state policy is part
(a)    II
(b)    III
(c)    IV      (Ans)
(d)    V

48.    The Constitution confers special responsibility for the enforcement of fundamental rights upon the
(a)    State legislature
(b)    President
(c)    Supreme Court      (Ans)
(d)    Parliament

49.    When is Windows 8 set to be released by Microsoft ?
(a)    October 26 2012      (Ans)
(b)    January 1st 2012
(c)    August 10th 2012
(d)    March 23rd 2013

50.    Who is the first Indian defence Minister to visit Saudi Arabia
(a)    A.K. Antony      (Ans)
(b)    George Fernandez
(c)    V. R. Krishnayyar
(d)    Beldev

51.    Find out the wrongly spelt word
(a)    Moustache
(b)    hipcrasy      (Ans)
(c)    omission
(d)    maitre

52.    ‘Chaos’ means
(a)    Paradise
(b)    Complete disorder or confusion       (Ans)
(c)    busy
(d)    solutide

53.    Few people knew the answer ?
(a)    didn’t they
(b)    did they      (Ans)
(c)    don’t they
(d)    will they

54.    The children were warned ——–
(a)     to commit the mistake
(b)    for committing the mistake
(c)    Against committing the mistake      (Ans)
(d)    with committing the mistake

Direction (5-6) chose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word printed in bold
55.    Emerging
(a)    Satisfied
(b)    profiting
(c)    Modern
(d)    dull      (Ans)

56.    Reverse
(a)    Remove
(b)    destroy
(c)    motivate
(d)    establish      (Ans)

Direction (7-8) choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning of the word/of words printed in bold
57.    Centred on
(a)    Gets boost
(b)    revolves around
(c)    inspired from       (Ans)
(d)    thrives on

58.    Mitigate
(a)    Migrate
(b)    take off
(c)    out
(d)    reduce      (Ans)

59.    The jailer saw——the prisoner’s scheme
(a)    to
(b)    through      (Ans)
(c)    about
(d)    into

60.    His company is greatly so sought ——
(a)    for
(b)    at
(c)    after      (Ans)
(d)    out

61.    The chief guest came into the room —-by the chairman of the company
(a)    Preceded      (Ans)
(b)    Coupled
(c)    Joined
(d)    allowed

62.    A jaundiced eye
(a)   Jealously
(b)   a generous view
(c)    Angry
(d)    prejudice      (Ans)

63.    To see red
(a)    To be very angry
(b)    To victimize someone
(c)    To find fault with       (Ans)
(d)    To criticise others

64.    Butter is made —–milk
(a)    of
(b)    from      (Ans)
(c)    with
(d)    by

Complete the sentence
65.    It you come to me
(a)    I would help you      (Ans)
(b)    will help you
(c)    had helped you
(d)    would have helped you

66.    Cows—-grass
(a)    eats
(b)    has eaten
(c)    eat      (Ans)
(d)    eating

67.    The prime minister called —— the president
(a)    at
(b)    an      (Ans)
(c)    of
(d)    with

68.    You may sit ——
(a)    Wherever you liked
(b)    When you are tired       (Ans)
(c)    When you got permission
(d)    Whenever you liked

69.    Though he refused at first he—- in the end
(a)    came out
(b)    came away
(c)    came up
(d)    came around       (Ans)

70.    The new manager has —– many changes
(a)    brought about       (Ans)
(b)    brought round
(c)    brought up
(d)    brought off

71.   Who declared as his ultimate aim that, to wipe ‘every tear from every eye’?
(a)    Jawaharlal Nehu
(b)    Gandhiji     (Ans)
(c)    Sardar Patel
(d)    Dr. Rajendra Prasad

72.    The Lahore session of congress of 1929 is historic as
(a)    Jawaharlal Nehru was made president of the congress party
(b)    son had succeeded father as the official head of the national movement
(c)    it marked a unique family triumph in the annals of modern history
(d)    it passed a resolution declaring Poorna Swaraj to be the congress objective      (Ans)

73.    The system of separate electorates was introduced by the act of
(a)    1813
(b)    1833
(c)    1858
(d)    1909     (Ans)

74.    The British Prime Ministers who opposed to the continuation of British Rule over India was
(a)    Winston Churchill
(b)    Atlee     (Ans)
(c)    Chamberlain
(d)    Lloyd George

75.    IT amendment Act
(a)    2006
(b)    2008     (Ans)
(c)    2010
(d)    2005

76.    Present Union Minister of IT and Communication
(a)    A. K. Antony
(b)    Kapil Sibal     (Ans)
(c)    Ajit Sigh
(d)    none of these

77.    Present world Bank president
(a)    Haruhiko
(b)    Donald Kaberuka
(c)    Christine Lagarde
(d)    Jim Yong Kim     (Ans)

78.    United Nations University is located at
(a)    Washington
(b)    Newyork
(c)    Tokyo     (Ans)
(d)    London

79.    The first Indian to get Pulitzer Prize
(a)    U Thant
(b)    Gopal Reddy
(c)    Sasi Tharoor
(d)    Jhumpa lahiri      (Ans)

80.    Which city is set to host 2017 world athletic champion ship
(a)    Newyork
(b)    Parris
(c)    London     (Ans)
(d)    Delhi

81.    Consumer Protection Act was passed in
(a)    1986     (Ans)
(b)    1950
(c)    1947
(d)    1964

82.    The ‘Garibi hatao’ (eradicate poverty) slogan was coined by Indira Gandhi during the
(a)    First plan
(b)    Second plan
(c)    Third plan
(d)    fifth plan     (Ans)

83.    Where is STARS (Satellite Tracking and Ranging station)?
(a)    Ahmadabad
(b)    Kavalur     (Ans)
(c)    Sreeharikotta
(d)    Bangalore

84    Dry farming in India is extensively practiced in
(a)    Kanara Plains
(b)    Deccan region      (Ans)
(c)    Coromandal plains
(d)    Punjab plains

85.    Coconut island is located at
(a)    Kamala sager
(b)    Dumboorlake      (Ans)
(c)    Wularlake
(d)    Vembanad lake

86.    The District in Kerala with highest schedule caste population is
(a)    Idukki
(b)    Wayanad
(c)    Malappuram
(d)    Palakkad     (Ans)

87.    The first ministry of E.M. Sankaran Namboothiripad ruled Kerala for —– months
(a)    25
(b)    26
(c)    27
(d)    28     (Ans)

88.    The sex ratio in Kerala according to the census conducted in 2011
(a)    1006/1000
(b)    1020/1000
(c)    1084/1000     (Ans)
(d)    1133/1000

89.    The woman’s reservation bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on
(a)     09.01.2010
(b)    09.01.2009
(c)    09.03.2010     (Ans)
(d)    01.03.2010

90.    ‘Syananduram ‘ is the Sanskrit name for
(a)    Kannur
(b)    Kozhikode
(c)    Kochi
(d)    Thiruvananthapuram      (Ans)

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