LIC general awareness questions with answers

LIC general awareness questions with answers,LIC aptitude, reasoning and general awareness questions with answers

1    In which year did Gandhiji start Satyagraha Movement ?
A) 1919-Answer
B) 1927
C) 1934
D) 1942

2.     An ecosystem consists of

A) producers, consumers and decomposers in a particular area.-Answer
B) all the plants and animals of an area.
C) a living community and its environment.
D) carnivorous and herbivorous of an area

3.     The telephone was invented by
A) G. Marconi
B) Alexander Graham Bell-Answer
C) J.L Baird
D) Thomas Barrow

4. The crop mainly grown in hills is
A) Sweet corn
B) Sweet jowar-Answer
C) Sweet potato
D) Sweet pea

5.     Who is called as the ‘Prophet of New India ‘
A) Dayanand Saraswati
B) Sri Ramakrishna-Answer
D) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
D) Swami Vivekananda

6.     Ethnic group Mongoloids are found in India in
A) Southern region
B) South-central region
C) North-western region
D) North-eastern region-Answer

7.     When a vibrating tuning fork is placed on table, a loud sound is heard. This is due to
A) reflection
B) refraction
C) forced vibrations
D) damped vibrations-Answer

8.     An insect-catching plant is
A) Australian Acacia
B) Smilax
C) Nepenthes-Answer
D) Nerium

9.     The method not used as a Biological control is
A) Use of predators of a pest.
B) Pheromone traps
C) Use of pesticides
D) Use of neem extracts

10.     The States in India are demanding greater autonomy from the centre in the ___ field ,
A) Legislative
B) Administrative
C) Financial
D) All the above-Answer

11.     Light houses are places with powerful lights to
A) guide and resolve traffic jams in crowded metro-cities during nights
B) guide and help large crowds at religious gatherings during nights
C) indicate to the incoming war-ships, the location of a harbour during night
D) guide and warn the ships coming from different directions in the oceans.-Answer

12.     In a Capitalistic Economy, the Prices are determined by
A) Demand and Supply-Answer
B) Government Authorities
C) Buyers in the Market
D) Sellers in the Market

13.     Who of the following has not been an interlocutor on Jammu & Kashmir ?
A) M.M. Ansari
B) Radha Kumar
C) Shujaat Bukhari-Answer
D) Dilop Padgaonkar

14.     The Zone of Earth’s atmosphere immediately above its surface up to a height of about 16 kms above equator and 8 Kms over the poles is known as
A) Mesosphere
B) Thermosphere
C) Troposphere-Answer
D) Stratosphere

15.     The term ‘Pitcher’ is associated with
A) Wrestling
B) Boxing
C) Baseball-Answer
D) Basketball

16.     The filament of electric bulb is made up of
A) Copper
B) Nichrome
C) Lead
D) Tungsten-Answer

17.     Which of the following is called ‘ Brown paper ”
A) Jute
B) Cotton-Answer
C) Rubber
D) Tea

18.     A Secular State is one which :
A) has no religion of its own-Answer
B) is irreligious
C) is anti- religion
D) takes into consideration the religious sentiments of the people

19.     What does Jahangir means ?
A) National Monarch
B) The Grand Monarch
C) Conqueror of the world-Answer
D) Hero of hundred battles

20.     Gol Gumbaz is in
A) Konark
B) Hyderabad
C) Puri
D) Bijapur-Answer

21.     The early Buddhist scriptures were composed in
A) Prakrit texts
B) Pali texts-Answer
C) Sanskrit texts
D) Pictographical text

22.     In Mohanjadaro, the Largest building is
A) the great bath-Answer
B) a granary
C) the Pillared hall
D) a two storeyed house

23.     Where was the Royal Durbar held on November 1st 1858 to issue the Queen’s proclamation ?
A) Lucknow
B) Kanpur
D) Delhi-Answer
D) Allahabad

24.     Male(Anopheles) mosquito feeds on:
A) Blood of man-Answer
B) Nectar of flower
C) Blood of Culex
D) Blood of leech

25.     Tooth paste is a product sold under :
A) Monopolistic Competition-Answer
B) Perfect Competition
C) Monopoly
D) Duopoly

26.     The National Development Council includes :
A) all central Cabinet Ministers-Answer
B) Chief Ministers of all the States-Answer
C) Cabinet Ministers of all the States and the Centre
D) Members of the Estimates Committee of the Parliament

27.     Which of the following is not a cause of low productivity in Indian agriculture
A) Co-operative farming-Answer
B) Inadequate inputs availability
C) Sub-division and fragmentation of Land
D) Poor finance and marketing facilities.

28.     The gas that is used in the manufacture of vanaspati ghee is
A) Oxygen
B) Carbon dioxide
C) Hydrogen-Answer
D) Nitrogen

29.     Cement is usually a mixture of
A) Calcium silicate and calcium aluminate-Answer
B) Calcium silicate and calcium ferrate
C) Calcium aluminate and calcium ferrate
D) Lime stone and silicon dioxide

30.     Which of the following is not a Hardware ?
A) Processor chip
B) Printer
C) Mouse
D) Java-Answer

31.     Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of :
A) Vitamin- D
B) Vitamin – K
C) Vitamin – E
D) Vitamin – C-Answer

32. According to a study conducted by Hyderabad’s National Institute of Nutrition, The healthiest of 14 fresh fruits commonly consumed in India with maximum’ Goodness Index’ is
A) Indian Plum
B) Mango
C) Guava-Answer
D) Custard apple

33.     The Parliament can legislate on subjects given in the Union List only in consultation with the State Government for the State of :
A) Assam
B) Rajasthan
C) Jammu & Kashmir-Answer
D) Kerala

34.     Tsunamis are waves generated by
A) Earthquakes beneath the Sea-Answer
B) Moon’s pull
C) High tides of the oceans
D) Cyclones

35.     Which is the largest State of India ?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Rajasthan-Answer
D) Maharashtra

36.     Which one of the following is a system software
A) Database programs
B) Word processors-Answer
C) Spreadsheets
D) Compilers

37.     A piece of wood is held under water. The upthrust on it will be :
A) Equal to the weight of the wood-Answer
B) less than weight of the wood
C) more than weight of the wood
D) zero

38.     Kamakhya temple is an important place of tourism in the State of
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Assam-Answer
C) Himachal Pradesh
D) Manipur

39.     Electric bulbs are filled with
A) Nitrogen
B) Carbon dioxide
C) Argon-Answer
D) Oxygen

40.     The atmospheric gas that is mainly responsible for Green House effect:
A) Ozone
B) Oxygen
C) Nitrogen
D) Cabondioxide-Answer

41.     Wisdom teeth is the
A) 1st molar teeth
B) 2nd molar teeth
C) 3rd molar teeth-Answer
D) 4th molar teeth

42.     Who of the following pairs of Nobel Laureates in Physics was awarded 2010 Nobel Prize ?
A) John C Mather, George F. Smoot
B) Albert fert, Peter Grunberg
C) David J Gross, Frank. Wilczek
D) Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov-Answer

43.     “Tabal Chongli” is a form of folk dance associate with the State of
A) West Bengal
B) Assam-Answer
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Maharashtra

44.     Who is the supreme Commander-in-Chief of armed forces of the country ?
A) Defence Minister
B) Prime Minister
C) Senior-most among the three service Chiefs.
D) President-Answer

45.     Which of the following is correctly matched ?
A) Assam-Itanagar
B) Arunachal Pradesh-Guwahati
C) Tripura-Agartala-Answer
D) Nagaland-Shillong

46.     The purest form of Iron is
A) Cast iron
B) Steel
B) Pig iron
D) Wrought iron-Answer

47.     The caste system of India was created for :
A) Immobility of labour
B) recognition of the dignity of labour
C) economic uplift
D) occupational division of labour-Answer

48.     The iron ore which contains 72 % of iron is
A) Magnetite-Answer
B) Limonite
C) Haematite
D) Siderite

49.     Surat is located on the banks of the river :
A) Narmada
B) Sharavathi
C) Mahi
D) Tapti-Answer

50.     The tusk of elephant is an enormously enlarged:
A) Upper incisor-Answer
B) Upper canine
C) lower canine
D) lower incisor

51.     Megasthenes lived for many years at the court of the :
a) Magadha kings
b) Nanda kings
c) Mauryas-Answer
d) Guptas

52.     As per the provisional data of the 2011 census of India, the gap in literacy between men and women stands reduced to percentage points:
a) 10.8
b) 16.5-Answer
c) 18.4
d) 20.3

53.     The people of the Indus Valley worshiped :
a) Brahma
b) Vishnu
c) Pashupathi-Answer
d) Vayu

54.     Haemoglobin of the blood forms carbonyl haemoglobin with:
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Carbon monoxide-Answer
c) Sulphur dioxide
d) Nitrogen dioxide

55.     What should be the minimum size of a plane mirror to have the full image of a person, when he stands at a distance?
a) same size as the person
b) double the size of the person
c) half the size of the person-Answer
d) 1/4th of the size of the person

56.     Banana leaf tears easily because :
a) leaf blade is thin
b) leaf blade has no veins
c) leaf blade has veins arranged in parallel manner-Answer
d) leaf blade has undeveloped veins

57.     Who was the Judge against whom the Parliament initiated impeachment proceedings, but failed ultimately?
a) Justice Bhagawati-Answer
b) Justice Ajit Ray
c) Justice Sikri
d) Justice Ramaswami

58.     A heavy and a lighter body of same size are dropped from a height. Which one of them will reach
a) Lighter body
b) Heavier body-Answer
c) Both of them together
d) Cannot be predicted

59.     The Atomic Energy Commission was set up in :
a) 1948-Answer
b) 1950
c) 1952
d) 1960

60.     The humidity of air is measured by the instrument called
a) Hydrometer
b) Hygrometer-Answer
c) Seismometer
d) Barometer

61.     The term ‘Gambit’ is associated with:
a) Chess-Answer
b) Tennis
c) Basketball
d) Baseball

62.     The most common indicator organism that indicates level of water pollution is :
a) E.coli
b) P.typhi
c) C.vibrio
d) Entamoeba-Answer

63.     Which of the following States of India has the largest length of surface roads?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Maharashtra-Answer
d) Tamilnadu

64.     Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Court was adorned by the Ministers called:
a) Nayanmars
b) Ashtadiggajas
c) Navaratnas
d) Ashtapradhans-Answer

65.     Hot water bag is used for fomentation because:
a) Water is a cheap liquid
b) Water has high specific heat capacity-Answer
c) Water has high latent heat
d) Water is easily available

66. ‘Tappatikkali’ is a folk dance associated with the State of :
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Kerala-Answer
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Gujarat

67.     The Indian National Congress was founded in 1885 due to the initiative of :
a) Gopal Krishna -Answer
b) Dadabhai Naoroji
c) W.C. Banerjee
d) Allan Octavian Hume

68.     From where are the words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India taken?
a) Rigveda
b) Mundaka Upanishad-Answer
c) Padam Purana
d) Ramayana

69.     Real National Income is equal to the size of Population multiplied by :
a) Per Capita Real Income-Answer
b) Personal Income
c) Personal Disposable Income
d) Market Prices

70.     The tree which releases oxygen even during night is :
a) Neem
b) Banyan
c) Mango
d) Pipal-Answer

71.     Quagga is an extinct species of :
a) Cat
b) Horse
c) Zebra-Answer
d) Antelope

72.     Martyr’s day is observed on the death anniversary of :
a) Mahatma Gandhi-Answer
b) Smt. Indira Gandhi
c) Lal Bahadur Shastri
d) Rajiv Gandhi

73.     The expansion of the term HTML is:
a) Higher Text Markup Language
b) Higher Text Machine Language
c) Hyper Text Machine Language
d) Hyper Text Markup Language-Answer

74.     The blood group that lacks antigen is :
a) A
b) B
c) AB-Answer
d) O

75.     Lightning conductor is made of :
a) Copper-Answer
b) Glass
c) Ebonite
d) Plastic

76.     The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is :
a) calcium
b) aluminium-Answer
c) iron
d) magnesium

77.     When Indian leaders stress upon making with indigenous resources, they advocate :
a) stopping imports-Answer
b) promoting exports
c) self-reliance
d) national pride

78. The maximum strength of Lok Sabha is _______.
a) 543
b) 555
c) 553
d) 552-Answer

79.     The golden fibre of India is
a) Cotton
b) Hemp
c) Jute-Answer
d) Silk

80.     Which one of the following is known as ‘Brown Coal’?
a) Bituminous
b) Anthracite
c) Peat
d) Lignite-Answer

81.     The new agricultural strategy called ‘Green Revolution’ was initiated in :
a) 1947
b) 1951
c) 1965-Answer
d) 1972

82. The State of Assam has :
a) five National Parks and eleven wildlife sanctuaries-Answer
b) three National Parks and nine wildlife sanctuaries
c) three National Parks and eight wildlife sanctuaries
d) two National Parks and six wildlife sanctuaries

83.     The decision of how much to produce is determined by the individuals in a :
a) Socialistic Economy
b) Mixed Economy
c) Capitalistic Economy-Answer
d) All the above

84.     The famous ‘Dilwara Temples’ are situated in :
a) Rajasthan-Answer
b) Maharashtra
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Andhra Pradesh

85.     To edit text read by an optical scanner, one needs ____________ to translate the image into ASCII characters
a) an OMR
b) an OCR-Answer
c) a MICR
d) a digitizer

86.     In mammals, the cheek teeth are :
a) Incisors-Answer
b) Premolar
c) Molar
d) Premolar and Molar

87. Who discovered Insulin?
a) William Harvey
b) Louis Pasteur
c) F.G. Banting-Answer
d) Alexander Fleming

88. The term ‘operation flood’ refers to :
a) Flood Control
b) Milk Production-Answer
c) Food grain Production
d) Population Control

89. PVC is obtained by the polymerisation of :
a) Propene
b) Vinyl Chloride-Answer
c) Styren
d) Acetylene

90. The fundamental rights have :
a) moral force behind them.
b) force of public opinion behind them.
c) legal force behind them.-Answer
d) no force behind them.

91. Which of the following is correctly matched?
a) Assam – Itanagar
b) Arunachal Pradesh – Guwahati
c) Manipur – Imphal-Answer
d) Nagaland – Shilong

92. A candidate contesting for Lok Sabha must have attained the age of :
a) 21 years
b) 18 years
c) 25 years-Answer
d) 30 years

93. The second session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by :
a) W.C. Banerjee
b) Badruddin Tyabji
c) Dadabhai Naoroji-Answer
d. Surendra Nath Banerjee

94. For controlling pollution, dust escaping from factory chimneys is to be prevented. For this :
a) metal grid or wire-mesh is placed over it.
b) a metal grid coated with an insulator is placed on it.
c) a wire-mesh coated with grease is placed on it
d) an electrically charged wire-mesh is placed on it to attract dust.-Answer

95. Which of the following is the worst flood affected area in India?
a) Assam-Answer
b) Nagaland
c) Manipur
d) Tripura

96. Which of the following is correct about Socialism?
a) State is a necessary evil.
b) State is a march of God on earth.
c) State is an unnecessary evil.
d) State promotes common goods.-Answer

97. Full form of BCG is :
a) Bacillus Cholera Germ
b) Bacillus Calmette Guerin-Answer
c) Bacillus Curative Gene
d) Bacillus Cholera Guerin

98. The organic compounds present in petroleum are separated by :
a) Distillation
b) Fractional crystallisation
c) Frractional distillation-Answer
d) Sublimation

99. Who of the following is NOT a recepient of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize?
a) Hu Jintao-Answer
b) Leymah Gbowee
c) Ellen Jhonson-Sirleaf
d) Tawakkol Karman

100. The pH of human blood is :
a) 2
b) 10
c) 5.5
d) 7.3-Answer

1. Ankaleswar is famous for :
(A) Silk
(B) Gold
(C) Petrol-Answer
(D) Iron

2. The largest city in India is :
(A) Lakshadweep-Answer
(B) Kanakumari
(C) Indira Point
(D) Rameshwaram

3. The southern most tip of India is :
(A) Lakshadweep
(B) Kanyakumari
(C) Indira Point-Answer
(D) Rameshwaram

4. In which city is the countrys largest stadium located?
(A) Kolkata-Answer
(B) Delhi
(C) Patiala
(D) Chandigarh

5. Who was the oldest person to become the Prime Minister of India?
(A) Charan Singh
(B) Morarji Desai-Answer
(C) H. D. Deve Gowda
(D) P. V. Narasimha Rao

6. Which was the first feature film shown on the TV in colour?
(A) Mughal-e-Azam
(B) Mother India
(C) Shatranj Ke Khiladi-Answer
(D) Sholay

7. In which city is the country s largest prison located?
(A) Lucknow
(B) Kolkata
(C) Kanpur
(D) Delhi-Answer

8. Which is the largest orange-growing state?
(A) Maharashtra-Answer
(B) Punjab
(C) Orissa
(D) Madhya Pradesh

9.     Who was the first Indian to win an individual Olympic medal?
(A) Norman Pritchard-Answer
(B) Milkha Singh
(C) Leander Paes
(D) P.T. Usha

10.     Which is Indias largest religious community?
(A) Muslims
(B) Hindus-Answer
(C) Jews
(D) Christians

11.     Which is the largest chilli-producing state?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Jammu & Kashmir
(C) Asom
(D) Andhra Pradesh-Answer

12.     Name the first Indian soap opera which was telecast from July 1984 to December 1985.
(A) Hum Log-Answer
(B) Buniyad
(C) Rajani
(D) Khaandan

13.     In which state is the longest canal located?
(A) Rajasthan-Answer
(B) Gujarat
(C) Punjab
(D) Haryana

14.     In which city was the first engineering college set up?
(A) Roorkee-Answer
(B) Ranchi
(C) Pilani
(D) Kanpur

15.     Which regiment of the Indian Army has won the heighest number of gallantry awards?
(A) Rajputana Rifles
(B) Punjab Regiment
(C) Madras Regiment
(D) Sikh Regiment-Answer

16.     In which city was the first underground bazar constructed?
(A) Delhi-Answer
(B) Mumbai
(C) Bangalore
(D) Hyderabad

17. Who was the first Indian President to cast his vote in a General Election while in office?
(A) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
(B) Dr. S.D. Sharma
(C) K. R. Narayanan-Answer
(D) R. Venkataraman

18. In which year did All India Radio begin broadcasting news?
(A) 1921
(B) 1927-Answer
(C) 1935
(D) 1942

19. In which city was the first milk powder plant set up?
(A) Anand-Answer
(B) Delhi
(C) Chandigarh
(D) Patiala

20. Who among the following was not a Vice-President?
(2A) Gulzarilal Nanda-Answer
(B) Gopal Swarup Pathak
(C) B. D. Jatti
(D) M. Hidayatullah

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