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What is group discussion?

A Group discussion is a forum where people sit together and discuss the issue administrated to them with the common objective of discussing it in a wholesome way.

Types of Group Discussion

1.Topic-based group discussions

2.Case-based group discussion (also called Case Studies), and

3.Article-based  group discussions


Topic-based group discussions


In topic based group discussions, the group members are given a topic to discuss. A topic is typically in the form of a statement (some times, the statement may not be complete. for example, the topic could be worded “The biggest problem faced by our country is………”). By the end of the discussion, the group should strive to arrive at a consensus on the issue that is covered by the topic.


Case-based group discussion ( Case Studies)


In case studies, a short description of a situation (called a “case”) is given to all the participants. The case will typically be a problem situation that requires a solution. The participants have to study the

case, analyze the problem and then discuss various situations to the problem.


Article-based  group discussions


Article-based GD cover wide range of areas, like current affairs, politics, economics, technology etc………….

The participants are given 4-5 minutes to read the article and are then asked to hold a regular group discussion of around 10-15 minutes on the article.


The topic that are given in group discussion are of two types:


knowledge based topics

Some of the important categories of knowledge-based topics are listed below:


Economic topics

Eg: “India should slow down the pace of liberalization”

“The economics of technology driven systems do not help developing nations”


Social topics

Eg: “Dowry continues to haunt Indian brides”

“Education should become a fundamental right”


Political topic

Topics with politics as the basic content frequently feature in group discussions. These topics can easily drag the not-very-careful participant into a trap of emotional expressions.

Eg: “Coalition on politics in a poor country like India is a drain on the national economy”

“Plans to attract foreign investment”


Sports/Films related topics

Topics concerning films or sports are also common in number of GDs. Recently included tournaments like the world cup or thr Olympics games can be the subject matter for a number of GD topics.

Eg: “Should India announce a sports holiday?”   ” Cricket is like opium to India masses?


IT based topics

In this era of the information technology revolution, it is natural that topics based on IT or IT enabled service like BPO feature prominently amongst the list of topics for discussion.

Eg: we need more money to Fertilize crops rather than to increase band width”

The BPO bubble will also burst the way the dot-com bubble did”


Non-knowledge based topics

Common, day-to -day knowledge is sufficient to do a good job of talking about such topics

Concrete topics

Eg: “Love marriage are better than arranged marriages”

“Girls make better children than boys”


Abstract topics

Abstract topics are those about which the interpretation itself can vary from person to person.

Eg: “The farther we look the closer we are”

“Green is better than red”


Performance parameter in GD


It shows how well-read you are. All your management skills, etc.. will be of no use in an organization unless you are sound on subject and knowledge. That is the reason why content is such important

aspects of the evaluation process.



Communication covers three different aspects. these are:

Correctly conveying what you want to say




3.Group Behavior

Each participant interact with the other members of the group


4.Leadership Skill

It is not  possible for all members of a group to display leadership skills. If you get an opportunity to lead the group, do so by all means. However, do not go out of your way to establish yourself as a leader.” Leader is one who is spoken to most and lends direction to the group.


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