Date of interview :29-11-2007
venue : rac drdo complex delhi
Interviewing team consist 5 members,  they are from drdo and faculty of NIT IIT  age of members is between 35 to 65.

Interview duration : 30 minutes

Q1  what r u doing now ?
Q2. if mtech, name of college and gate sscore?
Q3. if u select then will u leave mtech ?

Technical ( electronics)
Q1what is area of interest ?
ans:  analog
—then they are laugghing on this subject because most of  candidate  have same area of interest .
Q 2. make a ckt of inversting opamp ?
Q3 find out gain of it with Rf=100k and R1 =1K?
ans = -100
Q.4then they modify same ckt then find out  gain .
–then one member said u r studing vlsi  i said yes
then the asked Question
Q5.what is Epitaxial layer ?
Q6 what is the  differnce between the Ion implantatiion and other method of the diffusion .
then other member asked:
Q.7 what is your final yaer project ?
i dont have project report then they ask for draw ckt daigram or block daigram and explain through it this is the most important part of the intreview   —- then other member
Q.8 what is mass action law?
Q.9 what is  transition caapaciitance in the pn diode ,
Q.10 what is relation between the depletion region lenght and transition capacitance.
Q.11what is diffence between Radar antenna and other simple antenna .— other member

One meber ask me ,have u studied ddigital in your degree course , i said yes , then he  have a digital ckt consiist of counter , he said find the output of it , that ckt is seen first time by me in my life .  i tried it to solve… at last he said ok go  . in digital questions are from counter design and interview consist of basic question of the subbject and good knowledge of the projject and area of the interest.

Observation by me thier :-
#PHD, MTECH degree is advaantage
#any experiance is Advantage
# good gate score is advatge.

#any paper publication  is  advanatgee .
# if u r from NIT Govt. college insteadnof the private collegev is advantage .
# sometime they laugh on your answer, this part of interview , dont get nervous by this .
# interiew is easy study 3-4 subject before interview and revise project thhroughly .
# luck have major role in the interview

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