Amdocs came in piet on 3rd of oct, 2012 for Off Campus..

Amdocs came in piet on 3rd of oct, 2012 for Off Campus.. 


Amdocs had 6 sections:-

1. General Aptitude

2. Paying Attention

3. Learning ability

4. Java/ C++/ C

5. SQL



First three sections were extremely easy. Try to score max. of these three sections.

Questions on Java were easy but covered vast concepts like OOPS. 1-2 questions were asked each from threading. exceptions, inner classes and collections.

SQL was bit difficult. You must know about views thoroughly. Just an overview might not be enough.

I didnt know anything about

UNIX. But other candidates were saying that it was easy only.

If you score more than 65 % overall you will get through.

In all there were 95 questions which have to be done in 120 minutes..

If you know techica; well (or do not know what to do in a particular section :)) time well be enough..

From about 600 students that gave the exam 49 were selected for the interviews. Luckily I was one of them. We recieved the call for interviews on 13 October and interviews were held on 16 October in their Office at Gurgaon…


Technical Interview panel was very cool.. They try to make you fully comfortable..

Q. Tell me about yourself


Q. What have you done in past months.


Q. Then in Java they asked about OOPS concepts.


Q. In different ways overloading can be implemented.


Q. Can main function be used more than once in java


Q. How many catch blocks can be put after try block


Q. What should be the order of preference for that


Q. Memory management in java


Q. Use of finalize function


Q. What project did you made in curriculum


Q. Why did you choose that?


Q. Innovative ideas that you putin that?


Q. Then a littlle code about project.


Q. What are the DDL, DCL, DQL, DML querries


Q. Difference between delete and drop?


Q, Joining a table?


Q. Different type of joins


Q. List 10 UNIX commands brethlessly..


Q. What are your likes and dislikes?


Q. What type of music deo you like?


Q. Sing a song for us?

Q. Solve this puzzle in 1 minute( Was not able to solve it)

The interview went for about 45 minutes. If you give 70% questions right you will be through. Results were announced about 4 hours later.. 15 students were selected for the HR round..


HR round

Q. Tell me about yourself

Q. Strengths nd weaknesses. Why?

Q. Achievements in life

Q. Why amdocs?

HR was like formality only. Around 12 students were finally selected.. With God’s grace I was one of them We were given offer letters on the same evening.

My suggestion will be to try to help each other out during process. Process of Amdocs is such that your competition is with you only. Not others..

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