Aricent new placement paper’s questions

Aricent new placement paper’s questions and written test pattern, selection procedure

This year Aricent visited our campus students were allowed cur oof aggregate was 65%. ECE, TCE, CSE, ISE, EEE, MTech, MCA branches Jobs positions offered software engineer, development or testing will be decided later. Package was 3.5lpa.from TCE branch. A short descriptions of aricent campus placement procedure

Aricent was section aptitude on line test
Verbal ability, aptitude, reasoning and technical questions

Verbal is just basic English. Just going through any competitive exam book for verbal should be enough, 25 questions with 25 minutes were given for this. Quant is quite easy too. A few questions might trip you, but never mind, if you can get most of them right its sufficient. Here 35 minutes is provided for 25 questions. Programming questions are almost in pseudocode only.

Knowing basics of C, C++ and data structures should be more than enough. Here again 25 minutes for 35 questions. Logical is also simple. Here 24 questions with 25 minutes is provided.

Sectional cut-off is present so try to perform well in all sections.

Aricent second section

Once aptitude is cleared, a critical incident form is given to be filled. It has few questions as about yourself, your approach towards the job and few other questions regarding your life experiences as in what you did when you were put up in some sort of a situation.

Aricent third section Group discussion GD

Next round is group discussion. Do not panic, this is a non elimination round.
Topic will either be given to you or you will only be asked to choose a topic. Dont overpower others and you dont have to speak too much either. It’ll be in a group of ten and half an hour is alloted for the group. If u can fit in 3-4 points in between you should be fine.

**Do not ignore it as it is non-elimination. The scores of gd will be included along with the next rounds for elimination.

Aricent technical round

Next comes technical round. This is an interview round. As am from telecommunication branch, I can give info about this for ECE, TCE and EEE branches. Even though we are from electronics background they expect us to know the basics of C,C++ and data structures. Some will be confused as to how much is basics. For C till structures and unions should be enough, C++ till classes and inheritance, and data structures only linked lists, queue, stacks and trees should be good.

Do know the 3 basic sorting algorithms, ie, bubble sort, selection sort and insertion sort. And be thorough with the basics of core subjects, mainly analog electronics, logic design, microcontroller, microprocessors, communication subjects (analog and digital) and communication networks too. If you had opted for OS, know that well too. And if you dont know anything just say it.

If you are asked about a subject you’ve never studied at all, say it directly but in a polite way, instead of giving wrong answers. And yes they will ask you to write basic programs. From this round onwards luck also matters, as to who will take your interview. The interviewer may be easy, moderate or tough.

I had a moderate one. 🙂 Here many get eliminated and the elimination is based on a combination of gd and technical scores.

** For other branches such as CS, IS, MCA etc, know your programming well and be strong with the basics of your core subjects. I dont know much about what they ask candidates from these branches.

Next is the HR round. Once you reach till here, you are 95% placed. This round is one of the simplest and dangerous one. I liked it. Do you homework and know a few things on how to behave in an HR interview. Until you behave normally and not like a psychopath you will get through. None of the questions will be based on anything you study or any puzzles. Just normal interaction to check your personality. Remain calm and answer sensibly in a polite manner.

They announced the results in less than hour or so for us as it was campus recruitment’s. No idea about off campus. I was delighted when my name was called in the list of placed candidates.

Keep yourself refreshed all day, because my HR round actually happened at 09:30 pm and results were announced at 10:30 pm. It will be a long day.

As for statistics, nearly 400 students had applied. Aricent recruited with a girls:boys ratio of 4:1. They can change this ratio anytime.

Out of 400, 90 cleared aptitude.

After technical only 49 were left.

After HR 35 got selected. 25 girls and 8 guys. Lucky to be one of the 8 guys.

93 students were short listed from around 400 students.

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