CGI .Net interview questions answers

CGI placement papers. These are all questions C,C++ .Net interview questions of CGI Previously asked in different placement These technical questions newly update in this sections .CGI Technical aptitude hr interview questions with answers only for refer and learn to practice. This is the list of CGI placement papers questions CGI collectiontion of questions will help you in your campus recruitments 
CGI .Net interview questions answers
.Net Interview Questions – CGI
1. What is the use of Treeview control?
2. What is the need of OLE-automation?
3. What are the advantages of OLE-automation?
4. What is the difference between CreateObject() and GetObject()?
5. How to create properties and methods using controls?
6. What are static and dynamic variables?

CGI C,C++ interview questions aptitude questions with answers
C++ Interview Questions – CGI

1. Find the output of the following given program?

int a[]={ 2,4,6,8,10 };
int i;
for( i = 0; i <= 4; i++)
change( int *b, int n){
int i;
for( i = 0; i < n; i++)
*(b+i) = *(b+i) + 5;}

2.What is the value of a and b of the following program?

s=0; c=a; d=b;
{ s=s+c;
3.What is the value of a and b of the following program?

{ s=s+a;
a=a+2; b=b-1;

4.What is the value of a, s and c of the following given program?

S= 0; C = 0
Read A,B
While ((2A+3B) < 100)
{ S = 3A – 2B
c = c + 1
5.Write a program to reverse a single linked list?
6.How can you optimize the code given below?

for(int i=0;ival1;i++)
cout<< “inside the loop”;
CGI all placement papers questions
Question- A property which is not true for classes is that they

-are removed from memory when not in use
-permit data to be hidden from other classes.
-bring together all aspects of an entity in one place.
-Can closely model objects in the real world.

Question- Which of the following cannot be legitimately passed to a function

-A constant
-A variable.
-A structure
-A header file.
Answer A header file.

Question– this pointer
-implicitly points to an object
-can be explicitly used in a class.
-can be used to return an object.
-All of the above.
Answer – All of the above.

Question To perform stream I/O with disk files in C++, you should

-open and close files as in procedural languages.
-use classes derived from ios.
-use C language library functions to read and write data.
-include the IOSTREAM.H header file.

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