IBM Online aptitude test

IBM new and latest off an on campus recruitment procedure  placement paper questions with answers

IBM referral campus placement drive in Banglore 22nd October 2013 


IBM selection procedure consists IBM on line aptitude test like number series questions,HCF.LCM,Profit and loss etc IBM english assessment test and tech hr interview


Hello everyone, this is Mouli.I attended IBM Referral off campus drive in Banglore on 22nd October. About 3000+ students appeared and 120 were selected finally after 3 rounds:
1.Online aptitude Test.
2.Online English Assessment Test.
3.Personal Interview.

IBM Online aptitude test

1. Online Aptitude Test
Total 36 questions were there having 18 questions each in 2 sections.

First section consists of 18 number series questions and every series had minimum 9-12 terms and sometimes 2-3 small series were mixed to form a single series including decimal series also.

For each question a time of 2.15 minutes will be allotted and you will see this timer at the bottom of your page. Hence you have to solve the questions fast otherwise if the time is finished there is no scope to get back.

For the next section general aptitude questions will be there. Again the same timer will be there for every question .This part is standard and almost easy questions are given.I will suggest the IBM aspirants not to waste your time in probability, permutation combination, statistics. Questions will be given from percentage, time and work, Simple and compound interest ,Time and distance, HCF and LCM, Profit Loss etc.
Standard system embedded calculator is there for ease of calculation and no negative marking is there in either of the two sections.

After the first round we had to wait a long 2 hours for the result. This was a massive elimination round and I was one of the luckiest students who were selected. Then we had to sit for the 2 nd round.

IBM English Assessment Test

2. Online English Assessment test

20 questions will be there and 22 minutes will be given no timer is there for this round. Questions will be based on Grammatical error, business letters and business email etiquette , official documents and memo formats, active-passive voice etc. Options will be a bit confusing because every option will be same type so be careful.

After this round within 30 minutes results were declared and I cleared this round also. Almost 50% students were eliminated in this round.
Then on 24 th October I had my personal interview round.

IBM Technical and HR Interview

3.Personal Interview
This was purely HR round but be prepared for technical questions also as some of the students were asked some basic technical questions. This round is mainly to judge your communication skill, presence of mind, decision making power etc. Do not show any type of negativity in your replies and be focused and confident. Some questions that were asked:

1.Introduce yourself.

2.Strengths and weakness.

3.Willing to relocate.

4.Detail description about final year project.

5.1-2 Puzzles.

6.why should I hire you.

7.Why IBM.

8.why IBM is called big blue.

9.Why there are 8 bars in IBM logo.

Some technical questions that were asked are:
1.What is pointer.
2.Difference b/w array and string.
3.Difference b/w malloc and calloc etc.
On the same day after a long wait of 2 hours result was declared at 6 P.M and I was one among the 120 placed candidates. In this round just 23 candidates were eliminated.

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