BRAIN VISA Acquired Indecomm

BRAIN VISA Acquired Indecomm




Test is very simple any body can crack it. You need to have knowledge of HTML, Java script, Flash script, XML, average aptitude capability.
1)Aptitude Test: 30 marks.
-logical reasoning questions such as
-K,P,M,R,L are 4 boats, 5 colors are given
-(Green, yellow, orange, white, tan), we need to paint 5 boats, certain conditions are given, M should be after p, p must be tan, white must be before yellow, orange at 3rd position. Find the solution of questions asked.
-A table is given with certain values, along X-axis grains along Y-axis P,Q,R,S,T,U,V countries are given we need to answer few question.
-Same sort of logical & confusing questions r given.
-Blood relation: A man said to one lady, “The brother of your only sister is my wife’s only brother” what is d relation of that lady with him?
-3 figures are given. You need to find the 5th figure.
-A is sitting above B, B is above C, there’s 2 persons between D & C , D is above all of them. Find who is 3rd from bottom.
-2 more questions are same as above.



2)Technical Test: 30 marks.
-10 questions on HTML, just study all the HTML tags properly along with attributes, such as: <br>, <body bgcolor=”red”>, <ol>, <gl> etc.
-10 questions on java scripting, XML. Study the syntax.
-10 questions on c++, OOPS concepts, unit of programming in oops is?

3)Logical Question: Just to check way of thinking.
-A pan contains pure milk. If we taken out 20% of milk and add water. We did the same procedure 2 more times then what kind of mixture it is?
-A circular cake is given we need to cut it in to 8 pieces in just 3 cuts how can we cut it?
-A clock is given it is showing 12 o’clock noon. Tell how many times both minute & hour hand touches each other in whole day? How to find out their time of meeting?

4)HR Round
-It was cool just be confidant. Just accept everything they r offering u.

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