Infosys placement papers questions 2013-2014 in Hyderabad campuses

Infosys placement papers questions 2013-2014 in Hyderabad campuses

Infosys visited my college on November 14, 2013 for campus recruitment. Infosys first section was on aptitude test it consists aptitude reasoning 30 questions verbal ability 40 questions and interview.. Iam sharing my experience for you guys because, I was also benefited by the test and interview experiences of other friends So Iam also sharing my experience

Infosys on line aptitude test procedure
Aptitude and reasoning questions :30 in 40 Minutes
Verbal ability Questions :40 in 35 minutes

and Infosys Interview Technical and hr interview
Infosys interview technical hr it all depends on the interviewers CSE and ECE students were only technical questions. Separate panel sections for interview

Infosys aptitude round questions was easy for me because I’m well prepared for aptitude Rs Agarwal books and other sites. Anyways so after the results of Online Aptitude test was announced I was selected.

Next sections was interview

Tell me about your B-Tech project

How is your compatibility with programming.

Being a chemical engineer why do you want to join an IT company?

Told him about my passion for programming and all. And said that currently I am not fascinated with my branch.

So you studied C++ and java in first and second year. You must have forgotten by now.

Tell me the four basic pillars of OOPS.

Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation and abstraction.

What is the difference between object oriented and procedure oriented programming?

What is recursion?

Can you make a program for printing the fibonacci series by using recursion.

I was really happy as it was my first non dream placement.

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