On 6th and 8th Feb 2013 refferal off campus

Aptitude Interview IT Company

On 6th and 8th Feb 2013 refferal off campus drive of IBM GBS held at Techno India Saltlake. It was for 2011 & 2012 passout. There was 4 round of selection

1. Aptitude (online)

2. English assessment test (online)

3. Group Discussion

4. Personal Interview

On the first day 2 round was held. At first the aptitude test goes on online, it contains 20 questions, 10 of critical series and 10 math problem. Each having a time bomb with it of 2min 15 sec. You have to press next after selecting answer otherwise the answer will not to be accepted.

After the test is over we waited for the result. Then who got selected for the second round they have to give online English assessment test. It contains 22 question and time was 2o min. no time bomb was there. But u can not come back to the previous question. The result of tihs round was mailed to us. Who got selected they are invited to the group discussion on 8th feb.

Group discussion was not an eliminating round. Each group containing 12 member. Topics was easy. Our topic was “Populism vs Reform policy”. Only one member of our group got eliminated as her english was not fluent.

Then there was face to face interview. There was so many panels and they was asking both HR and Technical questions. Mainly about your projects. My interviewer asked me few questions like

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Tell me about your family

3. Do you have any job offer

4. Are you ready to be relocated

5. What is your favourite subject till high school

6. What is your  favourite  subject in B.tech

7. About my summer training project

8. Two puzzles was asked, but I can answer only one

He was so friendly that I felt so comfortable at that 30 min of my interview.

After that result announced and I was got selected. I was so happy that I am selected in my dream company IBM. all the best for your campus drive. Hope to see you at IBM.

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