L n T InfoTech new latest placement papers

L n T InfoTech new latest placement papers and this years campus recruitment experience 

L n T InfoTech placement procedure

1. L n T InfoTech Online aptitude round 

Aptitude consisted 90 questions 90 min.

3 sections : quantitative analysis, logical reasoning and English.

No sectional time limit. Difficulty level was moderate. Quants was easy. Logic was lengthy and verbal was moderate. Minimum 25 min per section was required.

Out of around 117/500 cleared aptitude.

2. L n T InfoTech Group discussion. round 

30 toppers from various branches were directly allowed for GD. So total 147 appeared!

GD was a easy task. My groups topic was “Latest movies are entertainment or waste of money?” 7/13 from my group were selected, but in some groups they selected all. Around 117 cleared GD. Just speak well and sense!

3. L n T infotech Essay writing round 

Our topic was ‘India and China are similar nations with contrasting ways’.ths section was not an elimination round It is just check your grammatical knowledge and other

4. L n T infotech Technical interview.

This was the deciding factor. Around 5 panel were there. Questions related to project, favorite subject, and latest technologies are obvious. Be truthful and confident with proper knowledge! 80 people cleared tech.

5. L n T infotech HR round 

This was a easy round. Basic questions like tell me something about yourself, Why L&T, will you sign a bond and relocation!

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