Linde India Ltd formerly known as BOC

Linde India Ltd formerly known as BOC India Limited placement experience

Hello friends,
I’m Ankan, student of Techno India, SaltLake(Kol.).. in my 8th semester Electrical Engineering…Here was my experience with formerly British Oxygen Ltd (India) .Now Linde India Ltd

BOC, Linde India Ltd may sound you not being a good statured company..

But, just check out there site and just google it out, you’ll get to know that its a part of Linde Engineering Group, biggest engineering firm in world…and one of the very oldest too..It really is an opportunity of a lifetime to work for BOC.

It was 3rd Sep I remember when a notice was posted, that people with CGPA more than 8.25 were only eligible to appear from EE, CIVIL, and some more core streams.

An advice would be, always equip yourself with any updates from you TPO and keep your Resume/CV up to date with 2-3 printed copy with preferably a photo pasted on the top.

The PPT was fairly good and few data were worth noting, do the same, it may help at HR level..

Their process was a 35 min(near about, dont remember) there were about 40 questions, all technical questions, no calculations based..just concept based questions were there to be answered.

Following were some of those
Technical written-
1. Surge impedence of underground line
2. Efficiency of 3 ph ind motor, transformer on full load
3. Refrigerators use which kind of 1 ph ind motor
4. How many pins are there in 8085 microprocessors?? ๐Ÿ™‚
5. Speed torque characteristic of ind motor
6. Voltage regulation of induction motor
7. Restriking Voltage of CB.. formula
8. Type of Lightning arrester
9. earth pit

Few more power system and machines related questions, that needed no special preparations but the concepts that you have developed through years.. ๐Ÿ™‚
I was through..

After that there was GD round- where my group consisted of 8 members and a panel of 3 ppl judged us. Our topic was “Are engineers wasting there time in management studies”…

I spoke well. and aftr the results i came to know that i was the only guy left till technical PI from my college.. coz 3 Techno India colleges participated in the drive held at MSIT, Kolkata.

At Technical PI,
simply I introduced myself and as my CV was full of robotics participation and achievements, they asked me about what kind of motors that i used, how did it all worked together.

Then they shifted to relays, where interviewer drew a layout and tripped a relay at one point and asked me what will be the effect of the power flow in the network.

I couldn’t satisfy through my answer coz it was really a good question which required thinking…

Anyway, after that they asked me, suppose there are two motors, one say coupled to a centrifugal pump and another to a crane shaft, Which would heat up more, when … say both are on for 24hrs..??
other questions were…Suppose you increase the level of transmission live voltage to say 400kV frm 220kV.. what all changes u need to do at transmission level for this new system?? i said the pole distance should be changed… sag i meant.. then the distance between conductors, the insulation of conductors… what i missed was the insulators at the cross pole… ๐Ÿ™
Very old question…how does andย  and motor start….?
then about transposition of conductors. and stuffs related..
Third round was HR… which I couldn’t get up to…bt any.. my technical interview was really good and was satisfied coz after GD I had to wait for 5 hrs for d interview without having anything to eat.. and there inside i gave my 100% without any fear..
Learnt a lot.. but wasn’t selected.. may b coz at each andย  every level.. the marks are included at final score…

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