Selection Procedure

Hi Friends,

I am Arighna Roy from IEM, Kolkata. There was an in campus selection process of Infosys in our college campus on 7th Jan, 2010. Around 110 students appeared for this interview from 3 different streams. 52 students were selected. I was one of those lucky guys.
No. of streams : 3
No. of students: 110
No. of students cleared aptitude test : 58
No. of students selected : 52
Selection Procedure:
Infosys is such a company where there is no restriction for any stream. That means students from different streams are welcome to this selection process and they are treated equally. They just check whether you have adaptability or not.
The whole Selection Process contains two steps
· Aptitude Test
· HR Interview
The Aptitude test is divided into two different sections:
· Analytical & Logical reasoning:(30 questions: 40 minutes)
· English section: (40 questions: 35 minutes)  
This section removed about 50% students. So be careful about this section. They didn’t tell about any sectional cutoff. But i think there was a sectional cutoff. Few of my friends were deselected in this round doing very good in a single section. There was no negative marking. So don’t leave anything unmarked. At last if you are going for any wild guess then I’will suggest you to go with a single number. Then at least few of those could be correct.
Study Materials:
· shared experiences
· R.S. Aggarwal verbal & non-Verbal
· GRE Barron
Analytical & Logical reasoning:(30 questions : 40 minutes)
Figure series (R.S. Aggarwal)
Four different figures were given with slight changes. You have to get the pattern of changes and then to guess the 5th figure from 4 options. Don’t try to get the actual figure. Rather  try it from options.
Data Interpretations(GRE Barron)
Two bar charts were given.5 questions were given from these charts. Those were really easy.
Analytical Ability Questions (GRE Barron)
One paragraph was provided.5 questions were following. First solve the problem. Then go for the questions. Don’t see the questions first.
English section: (40 questions : 35 minutes)  
This section was a bit tough. Practice from GRE Barron. Synonyms and Antonyms were not needed.
2 reading comprehension were there 5 questions each.
Fill in the blanks
Sentence correction
Questions were not that tough. But the speed does matter. Go for the reading comprehension at last. Do the others first. Then you can get confidence.
I think the cutoff was very high. Because the questions were easy. So never think that what ever you have done is enough. Nothing is enough.
HR interview:
Now the final round. The only one solution to crack the interview is keeping yourself cool and confident. Friends believe me the Infosys HR panel are the coolest person in the whole world(At least for my panel). And always think that they are taking your Interview to select you, Not to reject you. Be friendly, polite and honest with them. Don’t get nervous. If you are getting confused then put your hand on your heart and say “ aal is well”. kidding.
There was only one round. Few students were asked for the second round. So don’t think that you are done with the interview. We had to sit in a room until the whole interview session was over. Always prepare with a set a photo copies of your mark sheets(from 10th to your last sem). And carry all your original mark sheets, all the certificates mentioned in the CV, 4 passport size photo, CV in a different channel file.
ME: may I come in sir?
HR: Yes come in Arighna right? So Arighna what happened to your HS marks?(he didn’t give me time to greet him good morning)

ME: Good morning sir.
HR: Yes morning. Plz sit down.
ME: Thank you sir…
HR: Now tell me what happened to to your 12th marks(I had 74% in 12th)
ME: Explained, told that that instead of having poor aggregate I had good marks in mathematics
HR: Asked the marks in math.
ME: Told 195 out of 200
HR: Well that’s a very good marks. Then you were born to do math. Why didn’t you go for BSC,MSC then PHD with math. You had better prospect on that. (Trying to check that whether I am satisfied with my studies or not)
ME: I stuck on my decision and told that in engineering also we have math.
HR: Yes but these are application math. But could have gone with pure math.
ME: Up to 12th we had application math. I was good at that. Then explained why did I choose engineering study after 12th.(he impressed)
HR: Ok… tell me what is Boolean algebra
ME: Told
HR: Where is it implemented?
ME: In Computers
HR: Why
ME: Told
HR: Is it a tool or sth else? I don’t know Boolean algebra. I am learning from you. (it was a trap. don’t try to manage the question thinking that they don’t know the subject. They can have a PHD on that subject. Be careful about the fact)
ME: Explained(he impressed)
HR: How do you solve problems?
ME: Explained
HR: If it is a financial problem then?
ME: Told
Do you have creativity?
ME: Yes
Prove it with an example
ME: Told about event management in our college and locality. New ideas and plans over there.
Ok Arighna nice meeting you. Do prosper in your life with mathematics. Never leave practicing it. There is no better subject that math.

ME: Thank you sir. Nice meeting you. (hand shaking)
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