Nvidia candidates experince

Nvidia candidates experince shared byvikas.s in IISc Bangalore Nvidia selection procedure written test pattern,off and on campus recruitment procedure …….

Mostly digital design, digital VLSI basics(True/Fs)(weste harris mos,delay,power), setup hold violations, testability and C bug detection.

As you might have known, the trick in written nVIDIA people play with you is time constraint. I tell you anybody can solve the paper given enough time. You’re gonna clear  the written iff you do a lot of design in time. They don’t really care about C but be strong in designing things.
1 round both technical and HR. It was for 1 hr for me. 45min tech and 15 min HR.

First things first. I didn’t clear. Now, mostly review of paper and how you have done. DVLSI in depth as you answer. setup hold again. Optimal designs of what you have designed. why nVIDIA, why design domain. Project(better if you got some hardware project stuff in your bag).   It’s a very cool interview. But my background was not in hardware, hardware background fetches a job easily in nVIDIA. If you’re aiming for a VLSI domain make sure you’re good at it.

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