Nvidia Placement-Paper

Hi Everyone,

Nvidia Graphics Bangalore Ltd came to our campus recruitment this year and it came with two profile hardware and software.

First round was the written test and actually it is a write up i.e  you to write answers. (no objective type)
The paper was for 50 M and 60 min.( Make necessary assumptions and mention them)

cgpa: 8.0 cutoff

Some questions for 7 M and some for 4 M. (Total 9 Questions)


a) To construct a 2^n :1 MUX. how many leat number of 2:1 MUXes are required.
b) If propagation delay of each MUX is 1nsec what will be the propogation delay of the above built ciruit.
c) Can your ciruit operate at  1MHz? If not what are the changes to be made?

2) Some question on Address banks and had some figure.

3) How to identify a singly linked list that whether it is circular or not?
4) Another question on digital electronics made of delay FF and asyncrhonous input.
5) It consisted on 1register followed by logic cirucit and another register and another logic circuit. Which is feedback to first register.

There were given some Setup time and hold time for register (i can’t remember the values) and the logic ciruit were given with max and min delay

Find out the mins. freq of operation.

6) Aptitude question: 2 Races held for A, B, C and D

Some conditions given and find out the positions.

This question would easy to crack for those who are good at aptitude

I can’t recall the other questions.

They were mostly on digital electronics

For the software profile. I dunno the questions.

I was not able to crack the written test, the interview for my friend was basically again based on the written test to confirm that you have written the answers with some idea and not something out of luck.

Whoever did well in written test were selected almost the first 3 to 4 guys were selected. It was like written test was the main thing for Nvidia placement.

All the best for everyone, hope this paper will help them to prepare better than i did. Beacuse i didn’t have any previous paper or experience to refer to to.

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