GSAT (Global Samsung Aptitude Paper)

Hi All, I recently attended Samsung India Software Operations Selection Process and want to share my experience with u all….
No. of rounds:4
1) GSAT – Part1(25 questions) and Part2(20questions) – 1 hr
2) Technical Paper (only C language) – (30 questions) – 45 minutes
3) Technical Interview (usually 45minutes and above)
4) HR Round (boooger!!! 5-10 mins)
GSAT (Global Samsung Aptitude Paper) – 1 hrs
This part of the selection process is quite easy one; but most of the candidates are eliminated in this round. May be in-spite of answering your best, you may end up thinking Y u didn’t get thru!! A prior idea about paper, little planning and time management can get u thru this with real ease…
Basic approach requires for this section-
1. Need to be fast (because of time limit)
2. Accuracy (since its easy, stakes are really high with each ques…)
Part 1: Aptitude (25 questions)
Its mainly consist of two sections:
1.Data Interpretation (20 questions) – average level questions, but need to be fast in approach.
2.Basic level Numeracy (5 questions)- very easy ques. U can’t take chance in getting wrong here. 😉
Part 2: Logical Reasoning
All 20 questions are on logical reasoning. Average level reasoning. But u need to be really fast, or else u will end up marking wrong choices due to lack of time.
Technical Paper- 30 ques (1 hrs)
Unlike previous part, it doesnt want u to be fast; but yes, accuracy still matters. The C questions are mainly based on concepts and easy to answer. But a few cud spin ur mind. “Test ur C skills”, Let us C by Yashwant Kannetkar could be brushed up a day prior to selection process. As I remember, few concepts used were switch statement, bitwise operator, for loop questions, continue operator, structure bit padding,pointers (basics level), scope of variable, printf scanf parameters n printing.
SO, if u r really gud at the basics and can work a problem from basic to higher level; then there is a bright chance of a perfect score…
AFTER, GSAT and Technical paper, they take an hour and half to declare the results. Most of the candidates (even the most brilliant ones) gets eliminated at this round. Stick to the above advice and surely you won’t be one of those 🙂
The selected candidates go through TECHNICAL ROUND:
This is my personal f Because if you are really good, then you are  selected and luck plays very little role here unlike the previous phase.
Firstly, interviewer will ask basic interview questions like tell me something about yourself,
why u r looking forward to join samsung, most important what are your favorite subject or language u r strong at…one fine tip for JAVA ppl, Please don’t tell your interviewer that U hate Pointers!!!Samsung mostly works on C ‘n C++… So, if u r not comfortable with pointer, tell them that u have sound understanding of basics in C( U better hav to!! ).
Then from here onwards, your ordeal begins!! They will grill you on language you are good at and some puzzling questions on C/link list . They might ask u to write some programs (not difficult, but tricky ones…).
If you are really good then interview can be stretched for longer duration; but if interviewer doesn’t find u upto mark, then it will be over in shorter time.
From back of my memory, as I remember, few questions that my interviewer asked :
Tell me about yourself
Write Block diagram for some feature in mobiles. Here, try to understand his requirement clearly n if possible while drawing keep asking him, is this what you are expecting or something else? (Trick him a bit n he is in ;))
About my project, my understanding and my contribution in it. And if he do some changes in my project. How will I code it or deal with it. (A real question to make your mark at interviewer!!!)
program on how .charAt function wud be implemented in Java. (I really liked it!! )
How good  at C (being Java as my forte)
Asked basic C questions on increment operator with array (Its was really confusing!!), Linked list questions like traversal n all (reads some gud material on tricky LL problems), code to reverse a String
General question on mobile applications like if I have to implement some feature, what will be my approach…(U can’t practice these questions, u need to be spontaneous…)…here, rather than your technical; they r testing your analytical problem solving skills…
Last but not the least, DO u have any questions for me…Ask about ur job profile or one of there many mobile features. Yes, its fun!!!
ONCE, u r out of the room, within next 5 minutes, u will know whether u r selected or not…
Selected candidates have to fill the Samsung Employment Form (Yes,at last something that makes u feeel guddd!!! ) and send for HR interview (as I said b4 BOOOOGERRR!!!)
After waiting really long, my name was called and he asked me questions lk
Tell me about yourself (eww!! agn!)
Family background
Why Samsung
Your performances in projects like development, bug fixing or testing or blah… (Be specific!! )
Stretching your work if necessary (as if I say no, and they wont make me to stretch !! :/)
Any questions (naaah!!! All cleared in technical …now let me go HOMEE!!! #sic)
Yes, and it got over in just 5-7 mins.

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hi soubhagya..when have you written this test and is it online or written test???Does the technical paper have questions from computer networks or any other subjects other than c,c++,ds??