Syntel Placement-Paper

Hiiiii friends I am PRUDHVI SAGAR REDDY C from NBKRIST, Vidyanagar recently I am placed in SYNTEL. I would like to share my feelings about Syntel selection procedure, it may help full to you.

After written test there are 3 rounds

1.Group Discussion

A very Important round is GD, the maximum number of people are filter here, but if you follow two things you can easily cleared that, they only observe 1.voice 2.confident you must have a audible voice and also it must be like very polite and commanding, in my group 12 members were there, only 4 members were selected, even some people talked very good points, the main thing they were talked with low voice. so friends be careful &confident. the topic is their choice, they may give any thing , my topic is “IS BEAUTY & BRAIN ARE TOGETHER “and also I am writing some topics were asked in that day to my friends > “WESTRAN FOOD & INDIAN FOOD” > ” WHAT IS THE REASON FOR DECREASING THE VALUE OF >

2. Technical Round

“which is better either higher education or job then Technical Round and one more thing is” don’t act as smart” before the Technical Round you have to fill one form, if you have any references mention clearly it may helpful. I am electrical student in the Technical Round round he didn’t ask any question from c (friends it’s depends on the TR)

TR: tell me about your self

ME: told(no need to specify educational qualifications, I just start from my family)

TR: tell me about your project

ME: told about my project and he really motivated towards my my explanation

TR: tell me your interested subjects

ME: told TR: why?

TR: I told he asked some basic questions from those subjects



It is also elimination round be careful

HR:tell me about your self

ME : told HR: are you dancer(I mentioned in the CV)

me: yes sir

HR: which one you prefer either group or solo

ME : solo

HR: that means you are not interested in team work

ME: no sir, actually I interested in team work, its depend on the field. If you want you carry 1000kg not possible, but 10 members can lift that, but dance is different in this field al l persons must do with good coordination likely I convinced him(this conversation was going g likely 5min , he interrupted me so many times) and also he asked about my family nearly 600 people were participated on that day(9th Jan 2012),for those 60 people were selected and I am one of them. Friends be positive and confident, I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST

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