syntel Previous Years Test Pattern and previously asked questions

syntel Previous Years Test Pattern and previously asked questions


Syntel – Selection Procedure
Since I like to take only one step at a time and concentrate on the task at hand, I have broken down the entire selection process in these convenient parts:

1. Written Test: 45 Questions 45 Minutes

2. Post Written Test Procedure

My Comments: Not very difficult. A little practice will take you a long way. Try to save time.

Post Written Test Procedure

I was called for the Post written test procedure by Syntel on 27 Nov 2011 at Sharda University, Gr. Noida. Again I have broken down the events into sub categories (my nature, you know!!)


The Syntel Selection Commitee will brief you about their company’s profile and everything worth knowing about them at the point. So even if you haven’t went through the company’s profile before actually going for Post written Test procedure, you need not worry about it. They will also introduce themselves and inform you about the selection process to be followed.

I found candidates paying no attention to what they were telling us, but don’t make this mistake because this information might come in handy (Even the names of people in the commitee!!).

My Comments: Listen to them!!!

Group Discussion (GD Round)
The first of the Post Written Test Procedure is usually a Group Discussion or GD round. They put candidates in groups of atmost 12 candidates and give a topic to discuss for 10 min. Unlike other GD’s I have participated in where usually a time of 5 min or so is given for preparation, they don’t give any time to prepare for the topic. This is very critical round for your selection process so be prepared for it.

GD Topics
Grass on the other side is Green (this was my topic).
Mobile Phones to be allowed in colleges or not.

The topics were pretty generic and not the usual GD topics like Corporal Punishments in schools, TV and kids etc. They actually want to know your attitude towards these generic things. Positive attitude will get you selected for sure.

My Comments:
Be really confident.
Speak your points clearly.
You’ll have to grab your opportunity to speak, so don’t waste time.
Speaking “more” points will not get you selected.

In a nutshell, speak only relevent points which show your thinking and not that you approve or disapprove others. For instance I spoke only 3 points during my GD but I spoke my mind clearly and with confidence (Confidence is the key!!).
Technical Interview
You’ll have to fill up a form with your basic details before appearing for technical interview. This form also contain sections for technical interviewer and HR interviewer to fill. Take your time and go through the form(although its not necessary).

The Technical interview will be based on the course you are currently pursuing and skills mentioned in your resume. You can also be asked to explain a little about your major project(final year project for B.Tech Students). You can also be made to write pretty basic C programs like sorting, finding prme numbers, finding palindromes etc.

Points to follow:
If you have mentioned any skill of information that you don’t actually possess in your resume, do yourself a favour and take it out, cause it can mess up with your chances if you get caught.
If you are a non CS or a non IT field student, polish the basics concepts like an electronics student would revise- flip flops, latches, memories etc. A little practice of basic C programs like the ones mentioned above will help you a lot.
If you are a CS or an IT field student, they would most likely go for basics of Operating systems, OOP concepts etc. If you have mentioned any JAVA course that you have done, in your resume, they can make you write some JAVA programs.

My Comments:
Stay Calm and confident, a little smile on the face won’t hurt anybody!
Don’t make wild guesses if you don’t know any answer, just politely say “I don’t know”.
Don’t argue with the interviewer, even if you are right!!! He/she might be testing your composure. Trust me, they do that sometimes and how do I know that? well they tried it with me!!
Give to the point answers. No need to fill the interviewer with unnecessary details- remember, he already knows the answer!!

HR Interview

Don’t get too worked up if you made it through the technical round because the HR round can be very tricky and even the most eligible candidates are not able to make it through this round.

The HR interview is nothing like the technical one, the HR interviewer/interviewers are usually very friendly and ask all sorts of questions about you. They want to know your true personality through their questions, so you have to answer their questions smartly. Again confidence is essential in whatever you speak. Speaking fluently in English will surly impress them. Some preparations must be done on the candidate’s part before appearing for the HR interview like:

Tell me about yourself (Sounds simple but speaking non stop about yourself without missing any important detail is not very simple. Tell important points before the secondary points like hobbies etc. This shows you are “well organised “).
What do you know about Syntel? (This is where their presentation round helps)
What are the 5 key “S” features/pillars of syntel? (Presentation round)
Why do you want to join Syntel.
Tell about your family background.
What do your friends say about you?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

These are just few examples. Confidence is the key. They asked me the name of the Vice-President present their at the time of Orientation round. I’m glad I paid attention during the orientation.


Answer smartly, don’t say anything silly or something that can ruin your chances, they are searching for these little hints when you are speaking.
Trust me, to make you a friend is the last thing they want to do, so please don’t think of them as your friends even if they seem real friendly. You are there to get a job, so focus on that.
Don’t speak/switch to any other language than english, this can be a disaster.
Interviewers are looking for positive attitude towards work and other aspects. If you are able to show it through your answers. You’re in.


As I mentioned above, my Post Written Test Procedure took place on 27 Nov 2011, and I got the result from my placement officer on 03 Jan 2012, so its quite some time before they declare the result. Never mind though, cause all the waiting is worth it. I’m happy to be selected among the 2 other candidates selected from my college.


In the End I would like to wish all of you good luck and my best wishes. Remember they are looking for good communication skills and the grand daddy of all – “Confidence”. Thank you for reading my experience and I’ll see you at SYNTEL- Consider IT Done.


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