Thought works paper on 28th July at Pune
Hi friends! Im Piyusha
This company is MNC It was giving package of 5.8 lacks per annum. They have very different and tough aptitude pattern. The company is completely soft.
ThoughtWorks selection process consists
1.Written Test
2.Programming Round
3.Technical Round -2
4.Hr Round


The test pattern consist of
1Basics of c,c++ in aptitude followed by
2.Coding test
4.Hr Interview.
In aptitude questions were like
1.They give 11 q in 60 min. ,q3 is having 2 subq,q10,11 having 3 sub questions. if in q3 you lost 1 then no marks for both subq.
In questions
-They give you ,on the upper side a long box array containing some digits
-below that a flowchart with different steps ,& instr in those steps ,u have to follow them ans the q below ,
-whichever ans you  found, search the same in boxes n write the box no. on the front ans sheet
3Questions on finding ans of given q a/c instr given in flowchart
3 Questions  on finding missing no. in the box to get the ,last
2 Questions on finding the ans a/c to given treen eg-there r 4 no. is 1greter follow this
else other path .
2 Question  on finding the missing step in the algo.
1Question for fingering the correction in wrong step in algorithm
dont know about coding  of luck 2 all.bye


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