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i am divya doing final year be in coimbatore.i have attended yahoo off-campus on 23 july at kct. 10 colleges took part. so there was no online test.if offline test means surely they will give only the repeated papers. if u  prepare nit durgapur paper, anna university 2003 paper. if is enough. most of the questions were repeated. for verbals it is enough if we learn yahoo words. i was able to answer all the 20 ant and syn. but i simply left 1 ant and syn bcoz they said upper cut off also present. apti was very easy. critical reasoning also very easy. refer barrons question paper. for psychometry better attend all the 150 questions but also see that u dont cross the upper cutt off. i showed myself as brave,outspoken and not day dreaming. but i added that i am impatient(which is a negative character). see  that u too choose positive and negative character and answer accordingly. all the best
i got short listed . 134 got shortlisted out of 3000+. but they selected only 77 .i lost in the interview. the interview was purely technical in both the interview. prepare well.  I was asked about the pattern which I had already  mentioned  in my previous mail. But I am sending it again.

VERBAL( 20 min):
5 synonyms, 10 antonyms( all from BARRON’S GRE book. Please work on the  exercises given in it). And in addition to this there was a paragraph given with blanks in it. Each blank had a number in brackets( this refers to  the question no). to fill these blanks 5 sentences were given. We had to choose the appropriate sentence which would fit in to the blank so that there was continuity between the sentences preceding and following the blank. This was very difficult.


This was the easiest section. Solve all the old questions from the previous papers of YAHOO and your sure to attempt 90% of the questions. There were some data interpretation questions also (10 in number). Totally 50 questions, so managing the time is very important.

This section had 3 questions with 4 sub questions each. One question was very simple having a 5 delegates speaking different languages and questions based on them. Another question was on seating arrangement and the third question was on time table for a student to take up various classes. I was told that similar can be found in the Barron’s GRE book from 12th edition. Please practise solving such questions as the time given is very less.

1)   For verbal, please work on the exercises in GRE BARRON’S in the 3,500 word list. Some of the words I got was : Mollify, mutinous, Whimsical, Excoriate,
unfile, tractable etc.
2) For Quantitative, I worked out all the old question papers given in the They mostly repeat questions, so try to solve all of them.

3) For Critical reasoning, GRE Barron’s 12the edition is very helpful. Work on the questions given in that to get a hang of it. I was asked the following questions too.

1. Does YAHOO follow any criteria of taking only Engineers..? ( any ideas as per ur exp..)I don’t know much about this because I am an engineering student and this is their selection process for us.
2. What kind of profile they offered you..? I mean did they also offered any Management profiles in ur college.  In their pre-placement talk in our college they told us that initially we will have to work in the technical field for some time and then we can choose to get in to sales, management etc. We would join as trainees and then we would be posted anywhere in India.
3. Where shud I prepare from to get thru YAHOO. I have given the details above.  I was also asked about questions that appeared in the paper but I am sorry its very difficult remember questions. Please visit  –> sample questions –> new s/w company papers –> YAHOO. Then there would be  numbers displayed on the top as 1 2 3 ….these are the latest papers. Solve all of them.

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