Zensar Placement paper for new recruitment Previous Year Placement Paper

Zensar  Placement paper for new recruitment Previous Year Placement Paper



Hi !
Friends my name is VINAY CHAUHAN i m doing my B.E.(com sci) from GLOBAL INST. OF TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR. I attended d centralized campus organized by ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES, PUNE. campus was held at poornima college of engineering.
here i m describing the selection prcedure–
candidates having 60% in 10th n 12th and b.e. aggregate 70% with branches cs,it,ec were only allowed to appear in d campus drive
1. APTITUDE TEST(4 sections, separate cut off)

a) technical interview
b) hr interview (1 essay of 5 minutes was also dere)

First of all they conducted aptitude test.aptitude test contains these sectoins.

These sections in paper contains 80 questions and duration was 80 mins.we have to do each section in 20 minutes. We coudnt move to next section before 20 mins. and once a section is completed we coudn’t go back.there was sectional cutoff. some of the sample questions which i remember are —

A) English ability. —
Q1. which is suitable combination similar to – pesticide : crop :: antiseptic: ?
a) wound   b) clothing   c) bandage   d) bleeding.

Q2. It is a long time………….i saw my friend who lives……………his parents………..he neighbouring town.
a) when ; at ; of     b) since ; with ; in.    c) when ; for ; in     d) since ; for ; of.
and other questions of selecting suitable words and also 3 questions based on one small passage. it was very easy one and in fact d easiest section was english section only.

B) Quantitive aptitude–
Q1. if ratio of milk and water in one container is 3:5 and in another is 1:2 they mixed togeher then  what is ratio of milk and water ?

Q2. dimension of a room is 5*8 meters. room floor is covered by carpet by leaving  space 4cm from walls. if carpet is 18rs. per meter then total cost?

Q3. find out d odd one in d series
a)9  b)121  c)361  d)881
answer is d)881 since it is not a perfect square.

it also contains questions related to tabulaion,distance and time, work percentage , profit and loss. R. S. AGGARWAL is more than sufficient.it is time consuming part be fast otherwise u will not be able to attempt all the questions.

C) Logical reasoning —
for me dis section was tough coz it really consumed time n it was not possible to attempt all d questions in mere 20 minutes
although i tried my level best n i was sure i will cross d cut off of this section so guys b fast 4 dis section. simple q based on venn diagram and selection of suitable statement were also there  refer R.S.AGGARWAL (verbal).

D) Technical skills —
this section was complete technical so be prepare. it contains C ,C++, DBMS ,RBMS and general computer architecture.
This is all about written test. 66 students were selected out of 600. i cleared dis round and then dey gave ppt to the selected candidates only. from my college only three cleared the written test.in ppt dey talked about company profile. my interview was on d same day.

here he asked me to show him my resume. then he asked me about ORACLE. i strictly said no sir i m not good at oracle because i havnt studied it  yet.
then he said ok which languages u have studied so far
strctly mention all d languages which u have mentioned in ur resume
i said c,c++,JAVA

Q1) what is the difference between c and c++?
Q2) what is object oriented programming?
Q3) what is the difference between the class n objects?
Q4) what was the need of classes?
truly speaking i loved dis question then i described from the beginning mentioning the name of the person who invented C++ and all the things which were
required to move to classes n object oriented concept.
Q5) what is encapsulation?
always try to give precise n exact definitions with examples
Q6) what is abstraction?
Q7) what is the need for abstraction? give some practical example?
Q8) what is inheritence?
Q9) give a real life example of inheritance?
Q10) what is polymorphism?
Q11) write a program for SWAPPING?


int a=5;
int b=10;
a=a+b;      //a=15
b=a-b;     //b=15-10=5
printf(“value of b is %d”,b);
a=a-b;     //a=15-5=10
printf(“value of a is %d”,a);

actually i did this program witout using temporary variable then he asked me is there any other method then i very smartly said yes sir v can also use a temporary variable.

Q12) what is jvm?
Q13) what do u know about data base management system?
Q14) what is rdbms?
Q15) write a query to create a table?
Q16) if v dont pass the fields name then vil d table b created?
Q17) what is preprocessor?
Q18) what is the difference between compiler and interpretter?
Q19) what is the command to make a file in dos?
i said i was not able to recollect it now.
Q20) what are header files?
Q21) what r the needs for header files?
Q21) what is d difference between preprocessor directives n header files?
Q22) what is the use of main in any program?
Q23) when v make graphics in c++ then which header file v include?

questions were very simple n was all basics a student from cs branch must know. i was asked to wait outside after a few minutes i was called 4 the H.R. round-

may i come in mam?
hi vinay please come in
may i have a seat mam?
ya sure please sit.

ok vinay take dis paper n now i vil give u 5 mins write something abot urself ur college ur branch n y u opted 4 dat branch
n how do u see urself after 5 years 4rm now?

i quickly finished the work in less than 2 mins.
mam started readin it
ok vinay wat do ur father do?
mam my father is a govt. servant
how long has he been serving 4 his organization?
27 years
oh dat is a very long time would u serve 4 an organisation 4 such a long time
i said mam it depends totlly on d work environment n also if there is a kind of emotional bond b/w me n employees of the company
so u r avery emotional kind of person
yes mam i m a very emotional kind of person.

ok imagine u r a ceo of a company n one of ur friend who is emotionally attached to u asks u to leak the secrets of the company wud u do dat?
no mam the first priority is 4 the firm 4 which i m serving n no compromise on dat part.
ok so u r emotional but not ethnically emotional.
wat kind of person r u? domestic or international?
i said domestic n justified wid my views

next she asked traditional or modern? i said traditional
n gave the example of lalu prasad yadav (rail minister of india) being a traditional kind of person in speaking n living he is popular all over the world
she asked me really
then i said mam he recently gave management classes to students 4rm HORWARD UNIV.
mam u must hav read in the news paper? she said yes i did.
ok what kind of animal do u like? n y?
i said ANT coz  hard working, always moving towards its goal, n team work.
i think u watch national geography channel a lot.
i said no mam i dont.
then wat do u watch in ur tv set.
i said i dont get time to see tv
then she asked me how do i manage my time?

mam after my college i use to give tuitions to school going children.
u like teaching dem?
i said no mam i dont like teaching them infact i love teaching them.
ok yes its gr8 fun then she mentiond dat she also used to give tuitions at her time

u live in hostel or some whre else
i said my hometown is in udaipur bt i live here with my relatives
ok vinay thank u very much
thank u mam it was pleasure talking to u
same here
she asked me 4 two photographs of mine

zensar is a company which takes both technical n hr interviews of all d candidates irrespective of the performance
Result came after 8 days to my college they selected only 13 out of 66 who cleared the apti     n i was one of them. only thing i wud say to u is hard work is the only key to success because what i believe is dat luck is a loser’s excuse 4 winner’s position.

this was my fifth interview within a span of 2 months. n thank god this time i made it
earlier companies were

so never lose hope n whenever u fail then jus think dere is something better 4 u in the store.  have faith in GOD n no one can stop u 4rm reaping the success of ur dreams.

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