One of the best phone interview tips is to always remember

One of the best phone interview tips is to always remember

A telephone interview is nothing more than a sniff test to judge whether or not you are worthy of an on-site interview.

Companies do this to save time and money as sometimes candidates prepare eye-popping resumes, but can’t communicate worth a darn.

Poor communication skills and lack of enthusiasm are the top two reasons people aren’t hired.

It’s impossible for companies to know if you have these attributes just from reading your resume. But in 5 minutes a good interviewer can pretty much zero in on this.

Phone interviews typically last 20-30 minutes. Usually the HR manager or an HR specialist will call you, but sometimes the hiring manager will call.

On rare occasions, you will have a teleconference with HR and the department manager.

This is usually a good sign that the powers-to-be are impressed with you. Otherwise, why would 2 people spend their time talking with you?

Phone interviews tend to lack warmth.

You’ll find managers and HR folks want to get right down to business and get this over with as quickly as possible.

Don’t be put off by this. Be glad your well written resume created enough interest to prompt a conversation.

Phone Interview Tips

1.Request that the interviewer call you at a specific time
2.Be well prepared for your telephone interview
3.Avoid interviewing on your cell phone
4.Change your voice mail greeting
5.Don’t answer call-waiting
6.Be prepared to provide dates you will be available to interview and don’t be afraid to ask for the interview
7.Be yourself, but remember the phone is a cold instrument
8.Expect gaps of silence during your phone interview

Top 10 Interview Questions of All Time

Tell me about yourself.

Would you believe a 30 second answer will have the greatest impact?

What are your strengths? 

To jog your memory, a list of 109 attributes are provided to help you zero in on your top 7-10 strengths.

What are your weaknesses? 

Several examples and tips to confidently respond to this question without fear ever again.

What was your greatest accomplishment? or What were your 3 greatest accomplishments? 

Your answer to this one question will either make you sound like every other candidate, or create a powerful first impression. You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to shine.

What do you know about our company? 

Find out why this is a test question, and what a company really wants to hear.

What did you like least about your prior job? or If you could change anything about your current/past company, what would that be?

Discover the fear behind this question and what to avoid saying at all costs.

Why did you leave your last job? or Why do you want to leave your current job? or How did you lose your last job? 

Learn how to navigate around thorny problems and issues without sounding negative or fumbling for words.

Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now? 

Setting your sights too high could actually eliminate you as a serious candidate. Find out why, and learn appropriate ways to share your ambitions.

Will you relocate? 

The job posting said, no relocation required…so why are they asking you this question? For a very good reason!

Why should I hire you? 

Learn why this question could signal good news or bad news…and how to tell the difference. The good news is a job offer is likely. The bad news is your future boss could be a micro-manager.

Do you ave any Questions?


Top Technical Interview Questions
Questions on database languages?
Bit manipulation. How to detect big/little endian and how to convert values to and from each?
What is the need of CPG message in ISUP protocol?
What is the nominal voltage required in subscriber loop connected to local exchange?
Max number of satellite hops allowed in voice communication ?
What is TCSM ?
What is bending moment?
What is the importance of the Thermodynamics in the field of Mechanical Engineering?
what is heat rate of a power plant?
Which has more efficiency: Diesel engine or Petrol engines?
What is Carnot engine?
What is crosstalk?
How many satellites are required to cover the earth?
What are the different BSD and SVR4 communication mechanisms?


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