Convergys Placement-Paper


        I am Anirudh,doing my EEE final year  from BVRIT,Narsapur,Medak ,Andhra Pradesh.
 We had convergys written test on 19th August 2009 and interview on 26th.


Convergys doesn’t prefer taking many ppl as it doesn’t have much necessity and so one has to do very well in all rounds to   get selected. They filter out a lot of ppl.




English : 20qs 20 mins

There was a passage on Yahoo answers, with blanks and we need to fill it up using  the

given four options.The passage was about 750 words and so there were 20 blanks.

Eg :

Even great people are ___________________ (1)   by some questions.


1.a) bamboozled b)Challenged c)stump  d) defeated


You can  answer the above blank correctly only  if you have the total idea of the passage.

Sometimes the options are so similar that you feel that may all the four options are correct. So u need to understand the context of the passage and so the most appropriate word should fit in.


Aptitude : 45 qs 48 mins

Venn diagrams :

guys these are the easiest ones. They asked many questions based on Venn diagrams…

so they should be easy to score. Formulae are not going to be useful. Use Venn diagrams directly..



In a website which has three links of the total 142 surfers who visited the site 67 clicked home,56 clicked signin and 45 clicked next.6 clicked only home and signin but not next.10 clicked home and next links,27 clicked only next link  and 2 clicked all the three links.


1.How many clicked only Home link  (and  4 options )     Ans   51

2.How many clicked only Signin link                                 Ans   40

3.How many did not click ‘only home link’                        Ans   91


One Cube problem : worth 5 qs == 5 marks :

A wooden cube is painted with black paint.Then it is sliced into 3 squares of the same thickness.The first square is cut into 4 equal blocks.The middle slice of wood is cut into 9 equal blocks.The last slice is cut into 16 equal blocks


1.How many block(s) have paint on one side

2.How many block(s) have paint on 2 sides

3.How many block(s) have paint on 3 sides

4.How many block(s) have paint on all 4 sides

5.How many block(s) have no paint at all


1. 8

2. 12

3.  8

4.  0

5.  1


Data Sufficeieny  Questions :

Each bit has a ‘question’ like is a > b ?

With two statements

1. a>c



a)1st Statement alone will give result.
b)2nd Statement alone will give result.
c)1st n 2nd Statement both will give result.
d)Results can not be obtained


So the answer for the above example is d.


Attention To detail / data :

Three numbers are given ..u need to decide which two are similar or if all three are different or similar.


1. 8849651           2. 8849561                3. 8849651

a) 1&2 are same b) 2&3 are same c) all are same d)1 & 3 are same e)all are different

ANS: d


1. Niziamuddin      2. Nizeamuddin         3. Niziammudin

a) 1&2 are same b) 2&3 are same c) all are same d)1 & 3 are same e)all are different

ANS : e


0 is represented as * and 1 is represented as $

as we move left the weight increases in power of 2

like 1 is represented as $ ..3 as $$…… 4 as $**


This I feel is a bit time consuming..Five questions were based on these :

$**$$** X  $*$**$* /$**$$*   = ?

and four options in the same code ! SO be quick here….


The next three sections are

UNIX ,,RDBMS ,, C++ Programming

Being a Electrical and Electronics Student I did not prepare for this section.

But didnt blindly mark all the questions. I took a look at the question and then chose the nearest answer. In C++ we can score above cut off with good knowledge in C  programming…The cut off for non cse & IT students wil be lower


Only 6 were selected from an approximately 160 students

And I was one of them !!!




The interview was conducted on 26 August ,Sunday at Convergys campus at hitech city,hyd.


After a brief presentation about the company we were informed that there next rounds will be Group Discussion and then Technical(& HR) Interview.



We were divided in groups of 14 and were given 10 minutes to decide the topic by ourselves.If the Judge did not like the topic or thought that they are too easy he shoots his own topic…


Almost no topic was decided by the candidates..The panel itself gave the topic..

Few topics were

Relevance of Chake de India

Relevance of Munnabhai Gandhigiri in Todays generation

Relevance of Rang De basanthi…



My interviewer was MR.X

The interview introduced himself and asked me to be seated. He was cool. Expected no formalities. He saw my CV and asked me to tell him about myself…

Then he asked me if I knew C, C++ unix,rdbms sql ….

I said I only know C so he asked me

“ Then how did you pass the written test ? By luck“

I answered well and he moved on and started on C

Mr.X: Ok so u know C ?

Yes sir,I do

Very well ??

No sir…


“I give  you an array of wch has 10 numbers  from 1-9 ,so only one number is repeated how will you find out repeated number, quickly?”


Like the question was …….

Int A[10] = {1,2,4,6,3,5,5,7,8,9}

I said quickly “ take the sum of all the numbers in the array and subtract the sum from 1-9  ie.,9*10/2 = 45 and whatever is the difference ,that number is repeated.”


He was impressed and asked me to write a function to swap two numbers…

Guys make note it’s the function not just the logic …..u may or may not use the third variable or pointer…

Among others were..

Difference between structure and union

“             B/w        class and structure


He asked a few easy question from networkd theory,stld microprocessors ..

I didnt answer microprocessors well L

Then he asked a few more of logical questions from math and C (calloc,malloc,files)….

I was a bit rusty in C as well because of I only came to the previous night that we had the interview the next day.

I did not do very well in the C part

So I feel ,almost out of an irritation he asked me

“Ok .Why should I take you ?”

I answered this one very well.

He asked “any questions” and I said “none” he thanked me and offered a hand shake and I left.

A possible question could be what the three sets of dots could relate to convergys in the company’s logo…

And after two mins someone was asking for the original marks memos and I understood that I was selected !

So guys at convergys they don’t see how many you answer…they see your mindset…and spontaneity.

If you don’t know just say I don’t know ,instead of ending up saying something wrong. & BE COOL !

DON’T think it’s a very easy  interview anyways…


So those who are from non –cse background don’t think its impossible to get into convergys..yes it is tough, not impossible..

Hope I did contribute at least a dot in your path to get into convergys

And hope we converge at its  dots…

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