Convergys Placement-Paper

There were 4 sections

1) Reasoning:      20 questions
2) Programming:  20 questions
3) Technical:        20 questions
4) Verbal:            15 questions

Total 75 questions.
Test duration is 85 mins.

Verbal section was very easy consisting of 2 passages, fill in the blanks and synonyms. Reasoning questions were very confusing and time consuming, better not to touch this section first. Programing section has two flow charts and 5 question on each flow char, this was also very easy.

In Technical and programing they concentrated more on C and C++ concepts like inheritance, constructors,abstraction, arrays and recursion.

Few questions were there from sorting but i think those questions were wrong because they did not mention the sorting technique to be used to sort the given array. It is also time consuming.

Some questions were directly asked in programming.

To crack the exam it is better to start with verbal section first, two flow charts, technical, programming and lastly attitude.
Time management is very important.

In technical round they asked

1. More about my mini and main project and asked me to write code for my project.
2. OOPS concepts with examples.
3. Pointers concept and a program using pointers.
4. Program using pointers.

Interviewer is not familiar with .NET technology.

No questions from UNIX and SQL.

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