CTS Candidate experience placement paper

Cognizant-CTS Candidate experience placement paper and interview experience CTS voice test experience

Hello,I am Ankita Sarkar.

Currently I am pursuing B.Tech final year on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY from Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata.

Cognizant visited our campus on 25th September,2013.For CTS 2014-2015 batch

They carried on the process for two days i.e. on 25th & 26th.

Cognizant -first they gave a wonderful introduction on the company.

Then online aptitude test was carried on. The questions were average. But remember time management is very necessary. You have to be quick. So practice well & keep track of time.

CTS selected top students in each dept for direct interview though those students had to give apti but their test were not evaluated. since i was in the list so my apti was not evaluated. Around 200 students got selected.

After selecting students from apti CTS organized voice test through mobile though it was not elimination round. There we were given a toll-free number and a form and we had to make a call. On the line we were asked
1.to repeat 10 sentences given in the form.
2.to repeat 10 sentences by hearing them over line.
3.to hear a conversation & answer few mcq on it.
4.to correct grammer,
5.to give a speech on a topic for 50sec.
The next day were technical interview followed by HR interview.

Reporting time was 8.30am.Interview started on 9.45am.I got a call to interview at around 11.15am.

My technical interview was held for 40mins.I want to share with you my experience.

TECH interview:

Me: good morning sir.
Interviewer: good morning. please have a seat.
(i sat and handed my CV and 2 copies of photo)

Interviewer: Give me 2sec.let me go through your CV.
Me: sure sir.

Interviewer: after few sec) Ankita, why don’t you introduce yourself?
Me: Sure sir. old.(name,family,academics,hobby,strengths,weakness,short-term,long-term goals)

(since reading was one of my hobbies)
Interviewer: what do you read? do you allocate time for reading?
Me: told.

(i did my project using Core Java and Oracle)
Interviewer: write the connection code to database.
Me: wrote and explained.

Interviewer: write a code to input data to your code.
Me: wrote as well as explained.

Interviewer: if two tables are given to you can you join them?
Me: yes sirĀ  can. but he didn’t give me to do it)

Interviewer: why do we use inner join?
Me: couldn’t answer it instead told the way to represent it.

Interviewer again repeated the question and asked me to take my time to answer it but i was unable to answer so he moved to next question.

Interviewer: what is normalization?
Me: told.

Interviewer: what are the types of normalization?
Me: told and explained every normalization(upto BCNF then he stopped me) and gave their definitions.

Interviewer: since you are from Kolkata are you ready to reallocate?
Me: yes sir i am always ready to reallocate.

Interviewer: why?
Me: told (new culture, work experience etc)

Interviewer: do you have any question?
Me: asked.

Interviewer: thank you Ankita,it was nice talk to you.
Me: thank you sir, it’s been a pleasure to be interviewed by you.

After getting selected in technical interview, I got a call for HR interview at around 4.45pm.It was held for 5mins only.(Around 140 students were selected)

HR interview:

Me: good evening ma’am.
Interviewer: good evening. please sit.

Interviewer: how was your technical interview?
Me: it was good.

Interviewer: anything else?
Me: it was good ma’am.

Interviewer: tell me about your family.
Me: told.

Interviewer asked few questions about my family.

Interviewer: you may have to work on different technologies and in different places. are you ready to do it?
Me: absolutely.

Interviewer: what do you think what makes you different to work in Cognizant?
Me: told my strengths.

Interviewer: ok. thank you you can go now.
Me thanks so much ma’am.

Results was declared on 1st October,2013 and I got placed. many many thanks to God and I am grateful to my parents and to those without whom my preparation would not be possible.
And a special thanks to Freshersworld.com.

Be confident. Little nervousness is ok. Always wear a smile .Make eye contact and behave formally. Above of all never lose hope and keep faith on yourself. Prepare well. May God bless you. Wish you all the best. smiley

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