JANUARY 21st, 2007



Please prepare for these questions effectively as these need to be compulsorily filled  in the forms:
1.Software Orientation:
2.Hobbies and extra-curricular activities
3.Strengths and Weakness
4.Expectation from CTS
5.Why CTS

6. Long term and short term goal with CTS
7.What are the qualities necessary for software professional to be successful.

 Please note your graduation and post graduation marks semester wise.



1. Two comprehension passages (-5 Questions each)
(Don’t go for it at the beginning itself. attempt it once you have answered the remaining ones.)

2. Find out the incorrect sentence-(5 questions)

3. Arrange according to sequential order (5questions)

4. Find out the correct sentence-(5 questions)


5 on Venn Diagrams

5 on Aptitude questions on percentages work.

5 on Data Sufficiency problems

5 on Binary Numbers conversion

5 on Cubes
Venn diagrams 🙁 questions 1-5)

1.      Out of 50 men in a town, 30 are Lions club members, 10 are Lions members as well as Rotary club members. There are 3 who do not belong either. Then how many Rotary club members are there?


(a) 15        (b) 18         (c) 20         (d) 25


2.      Total of 100 people work in an organization. Of which 63 work in office, 57 work in factory and there are none who work outside.     Then how many of them work in both?


(a) 10          (b) 25          (c) 18         (d) 20



3.      Repeat the question no 2.how many of them work only in office?


(a) 43          (b) 40            (c) 52           (d) 45



4.      In a college one day 120 students came to canteen. on that day 50 drank Tea,60 drank Coffee ,45 drank Cool drinks, 20 drank both Tea &Coffee, 15 drank both Coffee& Cool drink ,none drank both ,none drank all the three.

            How many drank only tea?


      (a) 42         (b) 30            (c) 22           (d) 32


Repeat the question no 4.how many of them drink at least two?


(a) 40         (b) 30            (c) 25           (d) 35


Aptitude questions (6-10)


6.  A train for Luck now leaves for every 2 1/2hrs from Delhi station. An announcement was made that train left 40mins ago and next train comes at 18:00hrs.At what time was the announcement made?


(a) 17:00hrs   (b) 16:30hrs   (c) 17:25hrs   (d) 16:10hrs



7.  A merchant purchased 20 dozens of pencils at rate of 375 Rs per dozen. Then he sold each one at 33Rs.what is his % profit?


      (a) 4.5         (b) 6.2            (c) 5.6          (d) 3.5



8. Value of vehicle at end of each year depreciates at the rate of 3/5th of value at the beginning. If Initial value is 10,000Rs then at the end of three years its value is?


      (a) 2600       (b) 2160            (c) 2100         (d) 2400


9. I don’t remember this question

10.   500 people came to exhibition. Entry fee was 3Rs each. A draw was held on tickets and announced 1st prize of 300Rs/- and 3 second prizes of 100Rs/- each. How much gain was raised with the draw?
Data Sufficiency problems (Questions 11-15)

Direction) each questions given has a problem and two statements numbered I and II given certain information. You have to decide if the information given in the statement is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer as


(I)    if the data in statement I along are sufficient to answer the questions;

(II)   If the data in statement II along are sufficient to answer the questions;

(III)    If both statements are required.

(IV)   If the data in both the statement together are not sufficient to answer the questions.

11. Is square of number an integer?


         (i) Number=6

         (ii) Number=11/12


      (a) I        (b) II            (c) III        (d) IV



12. Area of rectangle PQRS?





      (a) I        (b) II            (c) III        (d) IV




13. The number of persons entered into hall after 8:00PM


             (i)if rate is 2 persons per min after 8:00PM

             (ii) If rate is 4 persons per two mins after 8:00PM


         (a) I        (b) II            (c) III        (d) IV


14.   If 3 friends A, B, C can completes work in 36 days then in how many days can B complete?


       (i)if A&B together complete in 18 days

       (ii) if B&C together complete in 24 days


         (a) I        (b) II            (c) III        (d) IV


15. I exactly don’t remember it


Binary Numbers conversion (Questions 16-20)

(Directions) In a certain code, the symbol for 0 (zero) is. * And that for 1 is $. The numbers greater than 1 are to be written only by using the two symbols given above. The value of the symbol for 1 doubles itself every time it shifts one place to the left.



16. Lcm ($*$, $$$$,   $*$**$*)

17. (9-2*3*5+6*4+2*3)

18. Average (70,170,270)

19.($*$$)$$  –  ($**$)*$

20. Represent 343
Problems on Cubes (questions 20-25)

There are two cubes (A, B). Each of it is cut into 64 pieces .From the front face of cube A cubes on both the diagonal are removed. Same is repeated to cube B. Now cube A is placed over cube B to form a rectangular cuboid and painted black.

21. The number of cubes that are not painted black?

(a) 32       (b) 36        (c)            (d) 48


22. The number of cubes that are one side painted black?

(a) 32       (b) 36        (c)            (d) 48

23. The number of cubes that are two sides painted black?

(a) 32       (b) 36        (c)            (d) 48


24. The number of cubes that are three sides painted black?

        (a) 32       (b) 36        (c)            (d) 48


25. The number of cubes that are one side painted black?

        (a) 32       (b) 36        (c)            (d) 48


       Analytical (20 mins 20 questions)


1-7 questions: pick the odd one out
 8-10 questions: pick the next sequence
 11-12 questions: on logical sense (I mean you have to choose the options that logically follow the statements made)
 11. I eat whenever am in the hotel

       (i) I am in hotel

        (ii)I eat

       (iii) I don’t eat

       (iv) I am not in hotel.


         (a) ii, i       (b) iii, iv      (c)i ,ii        (d)iv, iii

12. Either I study or watch T.V

       (i) I study

        (ii)I watch T.V

       (iii) I don’t study

       (iv) I don’t watch T.V



         (a) iii, i       (b) iii, i      (c)iv ,ii        (d)iv, ii

 13-17 questions: on logical deductions
13. All intelligent are merit holders.

      Some merit holders are poor

 14. All mosquitoes are ants

     Some ants are mammals

15. Some graduates are MBA holders.

     Some graduates who are not MBA holders are unemployed  

16.-17   i dont remember them


Practice these from RS Agarwals Verbal & Nonverbal Reasoning                                                                                 

18-20 questions: on simple puzzle        

I n a city there is a building of 4 storey height. there are 8 friends A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H who live in that building with 2 flats on each floor .  Flats on ground floor are numbered 5, 6 from left end to right. Flats on first floor are numbered 3, 4 from right end to left. Flats on second floor are numbered 1, 2 from left side to right. Flats on third floor are numbered 7, 8 from right side to left.

Now A   lives   in   flat   4.

B lives in the top floor along with D and two storeys above Flat of F.

C lives in flat 5.

H&E lives in the same floor.

18. What is flat number of B?

     (a) 3      (b) 1    (c) 7     (d) 6

19. What is correct order?

      (a) 3 -A     (b) 1-D    (c) 7 -E   (d) 6-F

20. What if D&F, C&E exchange there flats then who stays below C?

    (a) A     (b) D    (c) F   (d) G



INTERVIEW was ON 25TH JAN. At venenburg IT park Hi-tech city,hyd at 3.00pm

I was made to wait till 4:45pm

There were nearly 10-12 panels. Interview was conducted in an open hall. Actually the person who interviewed me was just 100ft away from me and I was in the front row and I was not aware that he was observing me.
At last I was called. I went up to the interviewer. He was busy scrutinizing previous candidates papers. I waited there till I was asked to sit. I wished him. Immediately he wished me with a smile.

the interview started………………

INT: He introduced himself and told about his position in cts.

INT:. Tell me about ur self which is not mentioned in this sheet.

ME: I have started with my extra-circular activities in my college and school. I mentioned about my winning 2ndprize in osmania univ for paper presentation.

INT: Oh good. can u tell me something about it.

ME: Explained it within 6 mins.

INT: ok. do u have any other achievements??

ME: told I was sent as representative on behalf of our school for exhibiting model in inter school science-fair competition.

INT: He gave me a paper  to explain it.

ME: explained it……

INT: Tell me about ur family background.

ME :told him and was asked some questions regarding my father and grand father.

INT: ok good. Lets go into Technical part. Apart from the software orientations skills that u have mentioned what is your favorite subject?


INT: so what is digital electronics??

INT: Then what is difference between ur ordinary electronics and digital electronics?

INT: what is difference between analog and digital systems??

INT: which one is more advantageous??

INT: why digital info is more secured when compared to analog one??

ME:I answered all the above questions.

INT: ok. Then what is ur next favorite subject?


INT: why do we need communication??

INT: what are the different modes of communications??

INT: Do u know about radio broadcasting??

INT: what is difference between AM, FM??
ME:I answered all the above questions.
INT: ok. Now let’s take a break. I will give u a small puzzle. it was on probability. He said the approach was right but the answer was wrong.

INT: Again he gave me another puzzle on some cake. I was able to answer this correctly. He looked into the sheet and asked how creativity was a strength.

ME:A creative person has good imagination power. Whatever he does he can imagine it beforehand and go for the better and pleasing one. Just like what a painter does. He can always be a part of solution but not part of problem.

INT: so are you accompanied by any of your friends?/

ME: no sir.

INT: then it was just after coming here that u made a friend.(the interviewer observed me talking to my neighbors.)

ME: Yes sir.

INT: so u makes friends easily. Good.

INT: now  suppose that u have been offered job in infosys ,satyam,wipro,cts.then which one would u prefer?

ME: Definitely cts .told that cts was one of my dream company, abt working environment, some of my frnds and seniors experiences. and about bond.

INT: but still someone offers u a better pay than cts then??

ME:: no sir.still i go for cts.actually I’got selected in satyam. i was given joining date on feb23rd.If at all I was about to work for money then I would have joined in satyam itself without a second thought. but still I was eager and full of excitement to attend this interview. I really doesn’t want to miss  this opportunity.

INT: o.k. we have some of the branches in pune , coimbatore   also. so are u ready to work there?

ME: yes sir  am ready to work anywhere in the world.

INT: : Ok rajini all the best you  can just see the final result in our website.

Me: Thank you sir.i thank cts for giving me this opportunity.it was a pleasant interview with u sir.

The recruitment procedure was very cool and the interviewer was very friendly. So don’t panic. And dont loose ur confidence and always have  a good eye contact. Dress up formally. It is good to carry your CV along with ur certificates. Be clear, simple and breif

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