CTS Placement-Paper

Hello Friends,
M Gareema Bhandari from Orient group of Institutes Bhopal. CTS was the first company in our Institute. i.e on 14th and 15th January 2011.
CTS process was in 2 steps
Written test

* Reasoning section
* Verbal section


Both HR and Technical were taken together as 1 round.

Reasoning section: All the questions of syllogism were asked. Tricky questions of syllogism were asked in this our english ability is also checked 30 questions were their. For half an hour.

Verbal section: In verbal section simple basic grammar skills were checked. No antonym or synonym were asked. Only the person with, clear concept of english grammar can attempt. All the questions correctly.

Please do practice the questions of similar relations. Verbal was also for 30 minutes 30 questions.

Both the papers were given seperately for 30-30 minutes.


My interview was the longest in my pannel. For everyone it was 20 to 25 mins mine was 30 mins.

My technical is not that strong. But I have very good communication skills. Thus, I went in very confidently. He asked me. To tell him about myself. Seriously this is the answer when you can actually drive your interview. I spoke so elligently that he was very impressed.

Than he asked me some technical questions I think 3 he asked of which I gave none answer. But I convince dhim by saying that.” sir its not luck I dont know the answer. Yesterday when result was announce. My neighbours and relatives were all at ma room and I was already nervous and I didn’t got the time to browse through ma notes”

He smilled at me then I said that sir ma technical is not dat good but if I will revise ma notes than definitely I can handle the questions.

So, he then stated asking me situational questions some of tham are

(1) Say you and your best friend made a project but it was rejected by the customer. You know that it was becuse your friend made a mistake in the project. Now, your boss is asking you to tell him who made the mistake. Will you tell your boss about the mistake done by your friend?

(2) Your boss gave you a project. To be done in 10 day. But it is impossible for you to complete it in 10 day. What will you do?

(3) Your friends birthday is let us say in January 1989 but you don’t know your frrends date and day. How can you calculate it. By just asking him 1 questions. You cannot ask him directly his b”day?

Like this 9 situational questions were asked to me. I gave all the answers very confidently. With possitive attitude and very good communication skills.

He even asked me technical questions practically. like, if there is a car say”CIVIC” than what will be the object and what will be the function and what will be the class.

I just spoke out  whatever was cuming into ma mind.  Because i’m not good in technical. But I said with confidence after 30 minutes he asked me do you have any questions to asked
I asked him 2 questions about there logo “GO GREEN” and  “HOW SOCIALLY INTACT IS CTS”
after asking the questions

He said that “Gareema you have a very impressive approach have a nice day”

I was selected in CTS. So, the conclusion is, be confident. Written is very easy and one should be very confident in front of the HR.

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