ELICO Placement-Paper


Hello Friends,

This month I attended ELICO off campus interview for 2006 passouts at Vishnu Engg. College,
bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh.I got selected. I would like to share my experiences with u as they r helpful.

candidates appeared: 250
candidates clearing written test:22
Selected candidates after tech & hr interview: 6

The process contains: Written Test  [21st june], Tech interview, HR interview [22nd june]

Written test: Time :1 hr  marks:100

there are 3 sections : Aptitiude, C++, general English

the cut-off is high. I think it's nearly 75% so be careful in this writen test. This is the main ELIMINATION 
round. NO negitive marking.

the Aptitude Section (20 ques) was easy.It's enough to prepare R.S.Agarwal.
Problems on distance,ages area,odd man series,time & work are given. they are very easy.

C++ section (20 ques)deals with some fundamental questions about inheritance, friend functions, 
constructors & destructors. Some programs were given & we have to choose correct output.
[Many of the candidates didn't expect this section in written test, so u have to be prepared for all 

English section deals with general english such as choosing right word to fit in the sentence.
Some synonyms and other simple questions. BARRONS is not needed.
just the simple english we use in daily life. They also asked us to write our strengths, weaknesses,goals in coming 5 yrs.  [5 marks]

Technical Interview:

Most focus is on C++ as u might have expected.
asked about projects done, some simple questions in dbms, os, differences b/w c, c++, 
rate urself in c++ on 1-10 scale etc..
This round was easy.just prepare for it.don't be nervous.and NEVER try to DECEIVE them.
They are really SMARTER than u think.

HR interview:

tell about urself, ur hobbies, ur strengths, weakness, why should I hire u, ur career objective 
{this is a tricky question. just say what u have written in ur CV} and some other general questions 
which will be asked based on ur achievemets / extra circullar activities written in ur CV.
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