ELICO Placement-Paper

Elico Questions

*16 ppl can do a work in 3 hrs?, how much time vil 5 ppl take?

* 185 miles. travelled in bus for 2 hrs a dist of 85. in how much time, he need to travel the ramaining 100 miles, if he need to get an average of 50 miles per hr.

*efface=? : similer word

* a 6 mtrs wide road is laid around a garden. rad area is 564sq mtsr. if the length of the garden is 20 mtrs?, wat is the width of it.

*Woman said pointing to a guy ” his mother is the only daughter of my mother”

* a 2 digit no, the diff of its digits is one twelth of it. Find sum of the 2 digits
-data insufficient


* #include
int x=20, t;
cout<<x<<” “<<t;

50 20


int sum(int a, int b=5, int c=10);


int sum(int a, int b, int c)
{ return a+b+c;}

20 25 25

* #include
int x=20, &t;
int &tt;
cout<<x<<” “<<t;

compile time error, as all references must b initialisded.

what vil deleter operator vill do?
– invoke delete operator, n then destructor
– search if any destructor, n then invoke delete operasor
What vil new operator vil do?

-invoke comnstructor, then new operator, then do typecasting
-invoke new operator and then constructor
-invoke constructor n do typecast
which is violating data encapsulation?
Friend fns are useful but r controversy bcoz,
-they violate data encapsulation
-they access private fdata of a class
-none of the above
which of the following is true?
//there are 4/5 q’s in these format.

-a const member can’t b changed

which of the following is false? in case of destructors, constructors

what key word is used to off overload.
– extern “C”
-register “C”
-static “C”
-off “C”

A,B,C,D,E,F are 6 members, facing the center of a circle.

A is btn B , E
C btn D, f
E is immediate right to D

q’s on it

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