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GlobalLogic Technical Questions and Answers

Hello friends, I m anand verma from H.B.T. Kanpur. I.pursuing M.C.A..

At 10th of aug. GlobalLogic (Formerly IndusLogic) visited to my campus . they selected 7 student and it is my pleasure that I m among of them. I m regular visiter of this site and really it helps me , it is wonder for me that now I m sharing my exp. so for next some moment u will be with me and I m sure this will be helpful for u…

About global logic :-there is three round,

  1. Written test
  2. Tech. interview
  3. H.R. interview

written test

This is combine test having 50 q. , in which 20 q. of mathematical apt. and 30q. of technical., in 55 min.

For mathematical apt. I suggest dat u shud prepare time /distance , percentage, age related q. , and q. like wat will be area of circle inscribed in triangle of side 6cm.

For technical u shud prepare c-program(pointer realted) , data structure(tree related), c++(template), compiler phase ,ring counter,q.related to ethrenet

I m going share some q. which I remember….

1). in following option which takes less memory space:-

a).struct{ char a;float b; int c; }

b). union (float a; int b;}

c). char a[10];

d).int *p ={2,3,4,8}; ans.:-b(wat I choose)

2). what is the correct sequence of compiler

ans.:source prog.>preprocessor program>compiler(lexical>suntactic analyzer(or parser)>semantic analyzer>code genration)>linker/loader

3).Which is not balanced tree;

a).red black tree

b).avl tree


4). wat is complexity of quick sort

5). How many filp flopes is used in 10 bit ring counter.


mathematical section is easy but technical portin is little bit tough.

Tech . Interview

My interview was held at 8.:30 of night .there were two person in interview panel. it was approx 45 min. along .

They asked me that wat ‘s my favourite subject ,

As my area of interest is programming , I told him programming in c-language , concepts of data structure and concepts of oops, I convincingly said that sir I m vry comfort with programming.. they asked me algo. of merge sort.. really friend this was the topic which I left because I find it little bit crucial but I made algo which resemble program by my own logic .

I said them that sir I m unable to write standard algo. but I implement the merge sort concept by my own logic, I convenced my whole algo and they impressed by it .

Further they asked abt. avl tree and their rotation ,they give a problem relate to rotation of avl tree and said to peform appropriate rotation to get height balance tree.

Further they asked about binary search and give me array to apply binary search.f

Frther asked that wat scanf function return.

I really forget that I said them sir I forget . they asked is it true, I said yes sir scanf function return something but I m not recalling , in addiotion I said about print function and their return value.

At last they asked a puzzle and I successfully solved it the puzzle is:- there is three basket , one hold apple , other hold orange and third one hold apple orange both. we don’t know in which basket wat is , basket are wrongly labeled means wat is label of basket , basket doesn’t fall in that situation. we are allowed to pick only one fruit from each basket and judge that wat fruit basket hold.

really friends this was vry interactive session. inetialy I was nervous but later I respond vry freely. sometimes I felt that this was not technical interview , this is technical discussion to that person, they are vry friendly. at last they asked u have any question. I asked :-

  1. Sir,there is any need to learn and to know abt the company before joining company

they said: we have three month training prog. so u think u have any need to learn

I said:no sir

2) wat is my professional growth in ur company.

3) in which field I have to improve.


HR interview

this was tahen by hr mam and it was abt 15 min. long. she asked me abt my educational background , family background, my strength and weakness,careee objective.

further she asked :honestly said if u r not this field thn in field u might.

I replied: I were a traveler

she asked: why?

I replied: I want to travel whole world , I want to understand the people, their thinking , their behaviour, their culture.

she asked: If u r not selected then wat u will do?

I gave a little smile and replied: no problem mam, I work out on my weakness and try to remove them.

she asked: upto u who is a deservable candidate for my company.

I asked: mam included me or except me.

she said: except u.

I picke name of my batch mate who was also appearing in the interview.

she asked: why?

I explained lots of skils of them. it is so niece for me that he is also selected .

Little bit question on my exta curricular activities and hobby.

so friend prepare abt ur technical knowledge , they were seeking only a technical and logical brain person while they were less emphasizing on communication.

At 11:30 of night result was declared and I was among the selected candidate.

ALL THE BEST < we wll meet at global logic>

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