HONEYWELL Extensive collections of latest palcement papers


HONEYWELL Extensive collections of latest palcement papers with answers,Technical Questions,Technical and HR Interview Questions


1. Quantitative aptitude (30 questions )

2. C ( 30 questions)

3.Technical (OS(10 questions)+networks(10 questions)+DBMS(10 questions)+Data structures(20 questions)+Microprocessor(10 questions)

Honeywell 30 Aptitude Questions


Section-1 Quantitative aptitude-(30 questions)


1. Jojo weighs twice as much as Manju. Milbi’s weight is 60% of Binoy’s weight. Don weighs 50% of linson’s weight. Linson weighs 190% of Jojo’s weight. Which of these 5 persons weighs the least?



2. The time in a clock is 20 minute past 2. Find the angle between the hands of the clock.

Ans-50 degree


3. In a 200m race, if A gives B a start of 25 metres, then A wins the race by 10 seconds. Alternatively, if A gives B a start of 45 metres the race ends in a dead heat. How long does A take to run 200m?

Ans-77.5 seconds


4. Solve the inequality 33x-2 > 1


5. In a class of 120 students numbered 1 to 120, all even numbered students opt for Physics, whose numbers are divisible by 5 opt for Chemistry and those whose numbers are divisible by 7 opt for Math. How many opt for none of the three subjects?



6. Of the 200 candidates who were interviewed for a position at a call center, 100 had a two-wheeler, 70 had a credit card and 140 had a mobile phone. 40 of them had both, a two-wheeler and a credit card, 30 had both, a credit card and a mobile phone and 60 had both, a two wheeler and mobile phone and 10 had all three. How many candidates had none of the three?



7. If a sum of money grows to 144/121 times when invested for two years in a scheme where interest is compounded annually, how long will the same sum of money take to treble if invested at the same rate of interest in a scheme where interest is computed using simple interest method?

Ans-22 years


8. Shawn invested one half of his savings in a bond that paid simple interest for 2 years and received Rs.550 as interest. He invested the remaining in a bond that paid compound interest, interest being compounded annually, for the same 2 years at the same rate of interest and received Rs.605 as interest. What was the value of his total savings before investing in these two bonds?



9. 60 litres of diesel is required to travel 600 km using a 800 cc engine. If the volume of diesel required to cover a distance varies directly as the capacity of the engine, then how many litres of diesel is required to travel 800 kms using 1200 cc engine?

Ans-120 litres


10. A, B and C, each of them working alone can complete a job in 6, 8 and 12 days respectively. If all three of them work together to complete a job and earn Rs.2340, what ill be C’s share of the earnings?



11. The angle of elevation of the top of a tower 30 m high, from two points on the level ground on its opposite sides are 45 degrees and 60 degrees. What is the distance between the two points?



12. ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the lengths of the base and height of a right angled triangle whose hypotenuse is ‘h’. If the values of ‘a’ and ‘b’ are positive integers, which of the following cannot be a value of the square of the hypotenuse?



13. What is the probability that a two digit number selected at random will be a multiple of ‘3’ and not a multiple of ‘5’?



14. An experiment succeeds twice as often as it fails. What is the probability that in the next 5 trials there will be four successes?



15. A piece of equipment cost a certain factory Rs. 600,000. If it depreciates in value, 15% the first year, 13.5 % the next year, 12% the third year, and so on, what will be its value at the end of 10 years, all percentages applying to the original cost?

(1) 2,00,000

(2) 1,05,000

(3) 4,05,000

(4) 6,50,000


16. Ram completes 60% of a task in 15 days and then takes the help of Rahim and Rachel. Rahim is 50% as efficient as Ram is and Rachel is 50% as efficient as Rahim is. In how many more days will they complete the work?



17. Sudhil can do a job in 20 days, Ram in 30 days and Singhal in 60 days. If Sudhil is helped by Ram and Singhal every 3rd day, how long will it take for them to complete the job?

Ans-15 days


18. A father can do a certain job in x hours. His son takes twice as long to do the job. Working together, they can do the job in 6 hours. How many hours does the father take to do the job?

Ans-9 hours


19. A merchant marks his goods up by 60% and then offers a discount on the marked price. If the final selling price after the discount results in the merchant making no profit or loss, what was the percentage discount offered by the merchant?

Ans-37.5 % discount


20. A merchant buys two articles for Rs.600. He sells one of them at a profit of 22% and the other at a loss of 8% and makes no profit or loss in the end. What is the selling price of the article that he sold at a loss?



21. A college has 10 basketball players. A 5-member team and a captain will be selected out of these 10 players. How many different selections can be made?



22. If the letters of the word CHASM are rearranged to form 5 letter words such that none of the word repeat and the results arranged in ascending order as in a dictionary what is the rank of the word CHASM?



23. There are 5 Rock songs, 6 Carnatic songs and 3 Indi pop songs. How many different albums can be formed using the above repertoire if the albums should contain at least 1 Rock song and 1 Carnatic song?



24. A railway half ticket costs half the full fare and the reservation charge is the same on half ticket as on full ticket. One reserved first class ticket from Chennai to Trivandrum costs Rs. 216 and one full and one half reserved first class tickets cost Rs. 327. What is the basic first class full fare and what is the reservation charge?

Ans-Rs 210 and Rs 6


25. There were P people in a room when a meeting started. Q people left the room during the first hour, while R people entered the room during the same time. What expression gives the number of people in the room after the first hour as a percentage of the number of people in the room who have been there since the meeting started?


26. The average monthly salary of 12 workers and 3 managers in a factory was Rs. 600. When one of the manager whose salary was Rs. 720, was replaced with a new manager, then the average salary of the team went down to 580. What is the salary of the new manager?

Ans-Rs 420


27. The average temperature on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was 250. The average temperature on Thursday, Friday and Saturday was 240. If the temperature on Saturday was 270, what was the temperature on Wednesday?



28. The average weight of a class of 24 students is 36 years. When the weight of the teacher is also included, the average weight increases by 1kg. What is the weight of the teacher?

Ans-61 kg


29. A train traveling at 72 kmph crosses a platform in 30 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 18 seconds. What is the length of the platform in meters?

Ans-240 meters


30. I travel the first part of my journey at 40 kmph and the second part at 60 kmph and cover the total distance of 240 km to my destination in 5 hours. How long did the first part of my journey last?

Ans-3 hours


Honeywell C programming Questions with solutions


2. C  ( 30 questions) 20 mins


1. What is the difference between Strings and Arrays?


2. What is a huge pointer?


3. What are register variables? What are the advantages of using register variables?


4. What is the difference between #include‹ › and #include “ ”?


5. What is friend function?


6. What do the following declaration signify?

void *cmp();

A.        cmp is a pointer to an void type.

B.        cmp is a void type pointer variable.

C.        cmp is a function that return a void pointer.

D.        cmp function returns nothing.



7. What will be the output of the program (in Turbo C)?


int fun(int *f)


*f = 10;

return 0;


int main()


const int arr[5] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};

printf(“Before modification arr[3] = %d”, arr[3]);


printf(“\nAfter modification arr[3] = %d”, arr[3]);

return 0;


A.        Before modification arr[3] = 4

After modification arr[3] = 10

B.        Error: cannot convert parameter 1 from const int * to int *

C.        Error: Invalid parameter

D.        Before modification arr[3] = 4

After modification arr[3] = 4



8. The maximum combined length of the command-line arguments including the spaces between adjacent arguments is

A.        128 characters

B.        256 characters

C.        67 characters

D.        It may vary from one operating system to another



9. If the two strings are identical, then strcmp() function returns

A.        -1

B.        1

C.        0

D.        Yes



10. What is x in the following program?


int main()


typedef char (*(*arrfptr[3])())[10];

arrfptr x;

return 0;


A.        x is a pointer

B.        x is an array of three pointer

C.        x is an array of three function pointers

D.        Error in x declaration



11.What will be the output of the program ?


int main()


static int a[2][2] = {1, 2, 3, 4};

int i, j;

static int *p[] = {(int*)a, (int*)a+1, (int*)a+2};

for(i=0; i<2; i++)


for(j=0; j<2; j++)


printf(“%d, %d, %d, %d\n”, *(*(p+i)+j), *(*(j+p)+i),

*(*(i+p)+j), *(*(p+j)+i));



return 0;


A.        1, 1, 1, 1

2, 3, 2, 3

3, 2, 3, 2

4, 4, 4, 4


B.        1, 2, 1, 2

2, 3, 2, 3

3, 4, 3, 4

4, 2, 4, 2


C.        1, 1, 1, 1

2, 2, 2, 2

2, 2, 2, 2

3, 3, 3, 3

D.        1, 2, 3, 4

2, 3, 4, 1

3, 4, 1, 2

4, 1, 2, 3



12. What will be the output of the program?


int main()


int x = 3;

float y = 3.0;

if(x == y)

printf(“x and y are equal”);


printf(“x and y are not equal”);

return 0;


A.        x and y are equal

B.        x and y are not equal

C.        Unpredictable

D.        No output



13.What is stderr ?

A.        standard error

B.        standard error types

C.        standard error streams

D.        standard error definitions



14. How will you free the memory allocated by the following program?



#define MAXROW 3

#define MAXCOL 4

int main()


int **p, i, j;

p = (int **) malloc(MAXROW * sizeof(int*));

return 0;


A.        memfree(int p);

B.        dealloc(p);

C.        malloc(p, 0);

D.        free(p);



15. Which bitwise operator is suitable for checking whether a particular bit is on or off?

A.        && operator

B.        & operator

C.        || operator

D.        ! operator



16. What will be the output of the program in 16 bit platform (Turbo C under DOS) ?


int main()


struct value


int bit1:1;

int bit3:4;

int bit4:4;


printf(“%d\n”, sizeof(bit));

return 0;


A.        1

B.        2

C.        4

D.        9



17. What is (void*)0?

A.        Representation of NULL pointer

B.        Representation of void pointer

C.        Error

D.        None of above



18. What will be the output of the program?


int main()


float *p;

printf(“%d\n”, sizeof(p));

return 0;


A.        2 in 16bit compiler, 4 in 32bit compiler

B.        4 in 16bit compiler, 2 in 32bit compiler

C.        4 in 16bit compiler, 4 in 32bit compiler

D.        2 in 16bit compiler, 2 in 32bit compiler



19. Which of the following correctly represents a long double constant?

A.        6.68

B.        6.68L

C.        6.68f

D.        6.68LF



20. Which of the following are correctly formed #define statements in C?

A.        #define CUBE (X) (X*X*X);

B.        #define CUBE(x) (X*X*X)

C.        #define CUBE(X)(X*X*X)

D.        #define CUBE(X) {X*X*X}



Honeywell placement have 50 Technical Questions

3. Technical-(50 questions)


Operating system (10 questions)


1. Why paging is used?


2. What is a long term scheduler & short term schedulers?


3. What are deadlock prevention techniques?


4. What are the benefits of multithreaded programming?


5. What are operating system services?


6. Link encryption

A.        is more secure than end-to-end encryption

B.        is less secure than end-to-end encryption

C.        can not be used in a public network

D.        is used only to debug

E.         None of the above



7. What command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order? In linux

A.        sort – r

B.        st

C.        sh

D.        sort

E.         None of the above



8. A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution

A.        assembler

B.        linking loader

C.        cross compiler

D.        load and go

E.         None of the above



9. Which of the following is a block device

A.        mouse

B.        printer

C.        terminals

D.        disk

E.         None of the above



10. Advantage(s) of using assembly language rather than machine language is (are):

A.        It is mnemonic and easy to read.

B.        Addresses any symbolic, not absolute

C.        Introduction of data to program is easier

D.        all of the above

E.         None of the above


Networks(10 questions)


11. What are major types of networks?


12. What are the protocols in application layer ?


13. What is mesh network?


14. What is multipoint connection?


15. What do you mean by local login and remote login ?


16.Data are sent over pin _____ of the EIA-232 interface.

A.        2

B.        3

C.        4

D.        All of the above



17. Communication network is

A.        one or more conductors that serve as a common connection for a related group of devices

B.        a continuous frequency capable of being modulated or impressed with a second signal

C.        the condition with two or more stations attempt to use the same channel at the same          time

D.        a collection of interconnected functional units that provides a data communications           service among stations attached to the network

E.         None of the above



18. In a PC to telephone hookup for long distance communication, modem is connected between the telephone line and

A.        PC

B.        synchronous port

C.        crossover cable

D.        asynchronous port

E.         None of the above



19. Four bits are used for packet sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol used in a computer network. What is the maximum window size?

A.        4

B.        8

C.        15

D.        16

E.         None of the above



20. A computer that handles resource sharing and network management in a local area network. Select the best fit for answer:

A.        Network Server

B.        Virtual Private Network

C.        Network operating system

D.        OSI



DBMS-(10 questions)


21. Compare DBMS versus object oriented DBMS?


22. What is an active database?


23. Which of the following is part of an administrative policy to secure a database?

A.        Authentication policies

B.        Limiting particular areas within a building to only authorized people

C.        Ensure appropriate responses rates are in external maintenance agreements

D.        All of the above.



24. Multivalued dependencies should ________ be eliminated.

A.        always

B.        commonly

C.        seldom

D.        never



25. Which of the following occurs when a transaction rereads data and finds new rows that were inserted by a command transaction since the prior read?

A.        Nonrepeatable read

B.        Phantom read

C.        Dirty read

D.        Consistent read



26. The first step in database development is which of the following?

A.        Enterprise data modeling

B.        Logical database design

C.        Physical database design and definition

D.        Database Implementation



27. If there are two entities with a relationship between them, and one of the entities is completely dependent on the other, then which of the following must exist?

A.        Derived attribute

B.        Optional one cardinality

C.        Multi-valued attribute

D.        Weak entity



28. The “curse of dimensionality” relates to which problem of using operational data for BI reporting?

A.        Dirty data

B.        Inconsistent data

C.        Too much data

D.        Non-integrated data



29. Location transparency allows for which of the following?

A.        Users to treat the data as if it is at one location

B.        Programmers to treat the data as if it is at one location

C.        Managers to treat the data as if it is at one location

D.        All of the above.



30. User views are included as part of which schema?

A.        Internal

B.        Conceptual

C.        External

D.        None of the above.



Data structure(10 questions)

31. What is a spanning Tree?


32. What is sequential search?


33. What is a priority queue?


34. What does abstract Data Type Mean?


35. What is a node class?


36. What are the major data structures used in the following areas :

RDBMS, Network data model and Hierarchical data model


37. Convert the expression ((A + B) * C – (D – E) ^ (F + G)) to equivalent Prefix and Postfix notations.


38. Classify the Hashing Functions based on the various methods by which the key value is found.


39. If you are using C language to implement the heterogeneous linked list, what pointer type will you use?


40. Whether Linked List is linear or Non-linear data structure?


Microprocessor(10 questions)

41. How many buses are connected as part of the 8085A microprocessor?


42. How many bits are used in the data bus?


43. Single-bit indicators that may be set or cleared to show the results of logical or arithmetic operations are the:

A.        flags

B.        registers

C.        monitors

D.        decisions



44. What type of circuit is used at the interface point of an output port?


45. The register in the 8085A that is used to keep track of the memory address of the next op-code to be run in the program is the:

A.        stack pointer

B.        program counter

C.        instruction pointer

D.        accumulator



46. The 8085A is a(n):

A.        16-bit parallel CPU

B.        8-bit serial CPU

C.        8-bit parallel CPU

D.        none of the above



47. A register in the microprocessor that keeps track of the answer or results of any arithmetic or logic operation is the:

A.        stack pointer

B.        program counter

C.        instruction pointer

D.        accumulator



48. What is the difference between a mnemonic code and machine code?


49. Which of the following buses is primarily used to carry signals that direct other ICs to find out what type of operation is being performed?

A.        data bus

B.        control bus

C.        address bus

D.        address decoder bus



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