1.non verbal question: four figures are given, find 5th figure.
ans: 1st figure.
2.draw the venn diagram for flowers, clothes & white
| |
———— ————-
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
|flower | | | |clothes |
———— ————-
| white |
3.there are 6 boys–a,b,c,d,e,f and 5 girls — p,q,r,s,t. a team should be formed with 6 members–and some more conditions like c and d should sit together; p won’t sit with e. there are 4 q’s based on this ref: puzzle test of agarwal
4.a cube is painted with blue, yellow and black on opposite faces. it is cut into 36 cubes, of which 4 cubes are bigger than others.3 q’s on this.
hint: first cut cube into 3 equal pieces (not cubes). cut first piece into 16 equal cubes(4×4).cut 3rd piece into 16 equal cubes(4×4).cut the 2nd piece (middle piece) into 4 equal cubes (bigger in size than previous 32 cubes).
5.a sales executive has to visit 6 companies–p,q,r,s,t,u. other conditions like –he should visit s before u ,he should not visit r immediately
after u etc..,
3 q’s on this
ref:puzzle test of agarwal
6.4 members–2 men ,2 women are playing cards. no woman should sit in front of another woman. no man should sit in front of another man.
man1 sits on west side etc.., find the position of woman2.
7.a container contains 28 litres of pure milk. then 8 litres of milk is taken out and 8 litres of water is added. then another 8 litres of mixture
is taken out and another 8 litres of water is added. this process is repeated 3rd time also. find the milk-water ratio.
8.some boys are cows. some cows are dogs.etc.., which of the following are true:
4 statements are given. q on interferences.

section 2:(c-programming)
1.q on binary tree: does a binary tree of depth 3 have 20 nodes ans:no
2.write order of traversal of nodes for depth first and breadth first searches of a 15 node tree
3.debugging is done finding
a) logical errors b) run time errors c) both a and b d) none of the above ans:c
4.sum(x)=1+ 1+2+ 1+2+3+ …..x
write the condition’?’
} that a variable is the largest among the 3 variables using conditional operator
b is the largest
there are 3,4 q’s on syntax/logical/runtime errors. and 2,3 q’s on for loops.
there are 20 q’s in each section
the cut off is 11 correct answers in each section

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