Intergraph placement paper

Intergraph placement paper

Question paper consist of two parts

analytical skills : 20 ques, 20 min.

c skills : 30 ques, 30 mins.

analytical :

1. complete the diagram :

four fig will be given , you have to draw the final one

triangle fig :
2. draw venn diagram relating rhombus, quadrilateral & polygon a group of 5 persons a,b,c,d,e one of the person is advogate, one is doctor, one businesss man, one shop keeper and one is professor. three of them a,c,and professor prefer playing cricket to foot ball and two of them b and businessman prefer playing foot ball to cricket. the shop keeper and b and a are friends but two of these prefer playing foot ball to cricket. the advogate is c’s brother and  both play same game . the doctor and e play cricket.
(a) who is advogate ?
a, b, c, d
(b) who is shop keeper ?
a, b, c, d
(c) which of the following group include persons who like playing cricket
but doesn’t include professor ?
ab,bc,cd, none
(d) who is doctor ?
{ same model problem was asked in ques paper but professions will be different such as horticulturist ,physicst,journalist,advocate and other one. instead of football and cricket they will give tea and coffee }

4. they will give some condition’s and asked to find out farthest city in the west (easy one )?

5. travelling sales man problem . some condition will be given we have to find out the order of station the sales man moves ( three ques’s )
6. +,-,*, /, will be given different meaning  example : take + as * and so on . they will give expression and we have to find the value of that.
7. 3+5-2 =4 which has to be interchange to get the result ?
8. we don’t no exact problem .
ex : 8a3b5c7d…..
a wiil be given + sign.
b will be given – sign.
find the value of expression ?
9. find the total number of squares in 1/4 of chess board ?
10. 6 face of a cube are painted in a manner ,no 2 adjacent face have same colour. three colurs used are red blue green. cube is cut in to 36 smaller cube in such a manner that 32 cubes are of one size and rest of them bigger size and each bigger side have no red side. following this  three ques will be asked . { in ques paper colors will be different }
11. two ladies ,two men sit in north east west south position of rectancular table. using clues identify their position ?
12. clock problem :
(one ques )
13. all men are vertebrate. some mammals are men. conclude.
c skills :

1. find(int x,int y)
{ return ((x<y)?0:(x-y)):}
call find(a,find(a,b)) use to find
(a) maximum of a,b
(b) minimum of a,b
(c) positive difference of a,b
(d) sum of a,b

2. integer needs 2bytes , maximum value of an unsigned integer is
(a) { 2 power 16 } -1
(b) {2 power 15}-1
(c) {2 power16}
(d) {2 power 15}

3.y is of integer type then expression
3*(y-8)/9 and (y-8)/9*3 yields same value if
(a)must yields same value
(b)must yields different value
(c)may or may not yields same value
(d) none of the above

4. 5-2-3*5-2 will give 18 if
(a)- is left associative,* has precedence over –
(b) – is right associative,* has precedence over –
(c) – is right associative,- has precedence over *
(d)- is left associative,- has precedence over *

5. printf(“%f”, 9/5);
(a) 1.8,
(b) 1.0,
(c) 2.0,
(d) none

6. if (a=7)
printf(” a is 7 “);
printf(“a is not 7”);
(a) a is 7,
(b) a is not 7,
(c) nothing,
(d) garbage.

7. if (a>b)
else s2;
s2 will be executed if
(a) a<= b,
(b) b>c,
(c) b<=c and a<=b,
(d) a>b and b<=c.

8. main()
inc(); ,inc(); , inc();
{ static int x;
printf(“%d”, ++x);
(a) 012,
(b) 123,
(c) 3 consecutive unprectiable numbers
(d) 111.

9.preprocessing is done

(a) either before or at begining of compilation process
(b) after compilation before execution
(c) after loading
(d) none of the above.

10. printf(“%d”, sizeof(“”));
(a) error
(c) garbage
(d) 1.

int a=5,b=2;
printf(“%d”, a+++b);

(a) results in syntax,
(b) print 7,
(c) print 8,
(d) none,

12. process by which one bit patten in to another by bit wise operation is
(a) masking,
(b) pruning,
(c) biting,
(d) chopping,

13.value of automatic variable that is declared but not intialized
will be
(a) 0,
(b) -1,
(c) unpredictable,
(d) none,

14. int v=3, *pv=&v;
printf(” %d %d “, v,*pv);
output will be
(a) error
(b) 3 address of v,
(c) 3 3
(d) none.

15. declaration
enum cities{bethlehem,jericho,nazareth=1,jerusalem}
assian value 1 to
(a) bethlehem
(b) nazareth
(c)bethlehem & nazareth
(d)jericho & nazareth

16. #include<conion.h>
void main()
char buffer[82]={80};
char *result;
printf( “input line of text, followed by carriage return :\n”);
result = cgets(buffer);
(a) printf(“length=%d”,buffer[1]);
(b) printf(“length=%d”,buffer[0]);
(c) printf(“length=%d”,buffer[81]);
(d) printf(“length=%d”,buffer[2]);

17. consider scanf and sscanf function , which is true

(a) no standard function called sscanf
(b) sscanf(s,…) is equivalent to scanf(…) except that
input charecter are taken from string s.
(c) sscanf is equivalent to scanf.
(d) none of above.

18. #include <stdio.h>
char line[80];
what scanf do ?
(a) compilation error . illegal format string.
(b) terminates reading input into variable line.
(c) and (d) other two options.

19. problem was big so i couldn’t remember . simple one.

20 . ceil(-2.8) ?
(a) 0
(b) -3.0
(c) -2.0
(d) 2

21. for( p=head; p!=null; p= p -> next)

(a) program run smooth.
(b) compilation error.
(c) run time error.
(d) none of above.

22. int x[3][4] ={
(a) x[2][1] = x[2][2] =x[2][3] = 0
(b) value in fourth column is zero
(c) value in last row is zero
(d) none of above.

23. problem was big so i couldn’t remember . simple one.

24. main ()
printf(“%u” , main());
(a) print garbage.
(b) execution error
(c) printing of starting address of function main.
(d) infinite loop.

25 . int a, *b = &a, **c =&b;
** c= 5;

(a) doesnot change value of a
(b) assign address of c to a.
(c) assign value of b to a.
(d) assign 5 to a.

26.problem was big so i couldn’t remember . simple one.

27.problem was big so i couldn’t remember . simple one.

28 . answer : swapping of values .

29 . simple one.

30 . i =5;
i= (++i)/(i++);
printf( “%d” , i);
prints ,
(a) 2
(b) 5
(c) 1
(d) 6

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