Maveric Systems Placement-Paper

Maveric Systems Latest placement drive recruitment experiences shared by velavan Maveric Systems placement procedure and placement consists on line written test Group Discussion GD, Writing skills tests essay writing procedure interview technical and hr



  Hello friends,

I am velavan attended Maveric Systems  campus drive at Kongu college at erode on 23/1/2014



The interview selection procedures  contains four round.



Maveric Systems 1st Round: It is a written test  round..

They gave 31 question and it consists of 4 sections

1st section: It consist 10 quest. Aptitude like time and work, profit &loss etc..

These are very basic level…too much easy if we know general concepts..

2nd section: It also consist 10 quest. Verbal and non verbal. it will be like how B relate to A. how many men are there. how C related to F like that questions..

3rd section: It consist 10 quest. General knowledge Current affairs) and English synonyms)



Maveric Systems writing skill Test

4th section: It is to check our writing skill. They will give one topic and we have to write. for me they gave if you would be elected as PM what are the measures you will take to improve our status..

In this round we have to get cut off mark in each section to get qualify for 2nd round. the major elimination is done here



Maveric Systems  2nd Round  GD..

GD..They will expect how you positively approach to it.. dont disagree anyone’s speech.. Try to face the GD with positive approach. it will definitely helps you. Your communication should be up to the mark then only you can succeed..

Luckily i got selected to 3rd round



Maveric Systems   3rd Round: Technical HR

Its Technical HR Round. The HR behavers too friendly and supportive.. they will ask about ourself..try to say what are all the extra things you know other than curriculum.. communication should be good.. they will notice ur Attitude, Communication, Skills etc..One important thing is BE STRONG IN UR FINAL YEAR PROJECT IDEA. If u explain well then u may have an additional advantage to show the technical skill..



Since it a SOFTWARE TESTING company they wont expect you to be good in programming languages. Be strong in your core subjects. Be bold in your speech..

I got selected to last round



4th round:

Its HR round..the HR asked about my Project experience.. I said it clear. Finally he gave one form to fill it up. I was confirmed that i got selected  but not sure..

After fifteen min results came. Luckily I got selected..


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