MindTree Placement-Paper

Hi Friends,
I got selected for Mind Tree in open campus held at Chameli Devi Inst. of Tech. & Mgmt. Indore. it was abt only 82 selection out of 1486 students. Only 248 student cleared the wrtn exam and out of those 82 are selected.
So, it was a tough competition don’t take it lightly.

So here I begin,

The day starts with a wrtten exam in which 25 que of apti and DI-LR  were asked and the time was 30 min. the level of que was quite easy, u just have a basic practise of quanta and DI-LR part was too easy. Just solve R.S. Agrawal for this, it is sufficient for that.

After 30 min. they will collect your first paper of apti and then the second written will start immediately.
The second written was related to C/C++.

It has 10 que in 20 min.
They didn’t ask even a single que of theory part.
All que were related to the output of the programs.
You should have a very clear concept of the usage of increment and decrement operators, nearly all the que was related to this operators.

After 20 mins.

A blank paper with a topic given on it is provided to you and the time limit is 10 min.
3rd written starts in which u have to write essay or application or Email letter etc. as mentioned int the topic.
it is not required that you should write a long paragraph on it but your points must be strong one so as to provide some lesson out of that.
Just try to be clear in your thoughts and grammar usage should be perfect.
Try to do neat and clean work in this writing session(Must).
In my written we have to write an Email to our college colleague for congratulating him on the completion of his SIX SIGMA degree.

After 10 mins.

Its the last part of wrtn now, in which you have to write a program in 30 min.
Program given to us was, we have to convert the given character input string in reverse order in following form:
INPUT: Jack and jill went up a hill.
OUTPUT: hill a up went jill and jack.
This is the most common program in their written.
With all the answer sheets they also collected a copy of our resume and the hall ticket.

After all this written papers, result was declares after 3 to 4 hour.
And I got selected for the written.

So, now the interview session.

I started with a good cheering evening wish and takes my seat on his permission. He was sitting with all my written papers and my resume in his hand.
So here starts the que ans round.

Que: So are u comfortable Anant?
Ans: Yes sir I m fine (with a little smile on my face).

Que: So Anant please introduce yourself?
Ans: I introduced myself.
(Please don’t mug up your introduction in your mind. Just have a basic idea what must be included in  an introduction. Other Wise he will understood that you are giving a mugged up ans like a child of 5th standard. And include your family back ground in ur introduction)

During introduction he was also checking my resume. So after the introduction he takes up my resume and started questioning on that.
I have wrtn C/C++, Java, DBMS, OS , Data Structure as my commanding subject in my resume.

Que1: So tell me about stack and queue?
Que 2: what is process?
Que 3  how many threads can a process have?
Que 4 how many process can a thread have?
Que 5: What is Normalization?
Que 6 what is circular linked list?
Que 7: In how many ways we can traverse a tree? and Explain how?
Que 8: he gave me a tree and i have to write the Pre, post, and In Order traversal of it?
Que 9: what is a binary tree?
Que 10:what is the difference between Malloc and calloc?
Que 11: What if Macro Functions?
Que 12: What is Enum?
Que 13 Difference between Union and Structure?

And many more tech que were there.

They are also writing my feedback with each que that i have answered it correctly or not. They are also checking my comm. skills and confidence in my voice.

There main emphasis is on my English fluency. You MUST have a good communication skills in English. It is must.
As it was tech + HRcum interview.
And due to my strong tech knowledge I was able to answer 96-97% of que correctly.
After that he asks me some more questions.

Que: Are You planning for the Higher Studies?
Ans: No sir, currently not because my family is depending on me so i m in the need of job first. But in future I Can have the plans of further Higher studies.
(after that he writes in my feed back form that “planning for higher studies in future” ).

Que: So, In which field you want to go for higher studies, Either in Technical Or in management??
Ans : Technical Field Sir.
(after that he also writes about my field of interest in higher studies in his feed bask form.
At that time i thought that i had gone. may be rejected)

Inerviewer: Ok Anant fine, you may go now.
Me: Sir, Can I have some questions?

Interviewer: Yes why Not.
Me : I asked some good que related to my future in company and some que related to training period.

Interviewer answers the que. And then i leave the room by giving a good smile and thanx to the interviewer.

so it was all about my experience in the Mind Tree interview. But please Don’t take it as that same case will happen with you in the interview. just develop your communication skill and u should have a thorough knowledge of your resume
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