Quinnox Placement-Paper

Quinnox Placement paper-Quinnox Pool campus recruitment procedure, Quinnox placement recruitment procedure and candidate experiences shared by Khyati from Pune

Quinnox Placement procedure consists written test Group discussion Technical and HR interview procedure

Hey friends I gave Quinnox written which is very easy no need extra preparation.

There are 4 sections Qunt, Reasoning, technical and verbal.

All have 15-15 question, there are 60 question and time limit was 60 minute so do time management very well. ok now move on questions

For quant oyu solve R S aggarwal thoroughly all the question are given from RS aggarwal even questions was same, prepare profit & loss, percentage, combination and permutation, age problem, lcm and hcf,time and work,trains,clock and calendar,allegation and mixture, average. Hey guys I give a tip before written for quanta you just look all the exercise question of above topic defiantly 5-6 questions are present.

For reasoning practice for picture series, number series, seating arrangement, Venn diagram all question a damm easy

For technical they ask basic question no programming questions, 1 think there are a lot of digital question like change binary to decimal,hexadecimal,octal and vice versa etc. plz practice a lot for conversion 8-9 question are only from conversion so well prepare.

In verbal 1 RC 6-7 question based on it so try to solve RC first there are 1 question from para jumble,2 synonyms,2-3 analogy question etc.

Hey friends really written was so easy so don’t tensioned in my batch 32 student gave written but only 4 people crack written 1 of them was me, after that they called for GD. For GD they batch 12 to 13 people in my GD HR give only 30 sec. and told us about yourself,family and 1 topic from my batch only 2 people selected. I didn’t clear GD………………………………
So that’s my Quinnox experience I hope this is helpful for you friends.Hope for best …..
All the Best

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Any one can help me?
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