Syntel Placement-Paper

Hello, I am Rahul sharma student of final year from computer science engg in BSAITM college Faridabad.

I would be helping you for recruitment in Syntel(consider it Done).

Syntel made its test in north India on 22nd January 2012.From my college from 300students only 45have cleared the aptitude test.

The selection procedure is

1) aptitude test.

2) GD/Extempory

3) Technical cum HR.

Quite tough to survive because each and every round is elimination round.
In aptitude test they test your english skills your basics and more emphasis on puzzles remember no quants here.
So after selected in aptitude test,all selected candidates have to visit dehradun institute of tech,dehradun for further processes.
It was 7th February that day my luck made me king in ma life.

We guys reached there at 8am early in morning in marvellous weather of dehradun.DIT is a beautiful place to study.

Now come to topic we all are sitted in a auditorium for ppt(pre placement talks)after then steps start they guys made their way for recruitment.

They started calling batches of 15for extempory.

remember each round is elimination round but not mass elimination round so you just need to give your best in extempory.

We are called at 5pm in evening  bygod we got tired till dat point of time but nevertheless i entered in the room quite nervous but dream of working in syntel makes me quite confident.
Our instructor chosed randomnly each candidate for extempory.i was 3rd to hear ma name and i chosed ma topic IPL is good or bad.
You got time 30seconds to think and note down your points after then you have to speak till your teacher didnt stop you.
Remember let yourself speak till, she didnt stop you because if you stopped yourself you will loose your points.

Finally after all 15were got chance and 7were selected for interview.

So our time for interview was 8pm in evening. Now I was quite breatheless whe ma name was announced for interview.

I entered the room 2person were sitting i go to them and they offer hands to me for shake .

remember you are no one to offer hand and not to sit till they doesnt ask you.

HR-rahul sharma, thak gaye ho n thode nervous b ho…?

me in ma mind(strange interviewer was asking questions in hindi but i make myself to respond but remember if that person sitting on other side of table asks questions in hindi then you also have to reply in hindi )

me- no sir, na nervous hun na thaka pada hu.


HR- so interview k liye prepare karke aye ho ya bs yuhi.

me- karke aya hun sir.

HR- kaise kbse prepare kiya h kal se?

me- nh sir, from last 15days.

HR- how?

me- day i got my result for clearing test i started my preparation.

HR-kaise prepare kiya h ?

me-sir freshersworld par jo candidate experience hote h wahan se.

HR- ohk,so kuch pata laga wahan se?

me- yes sir, k har bande ka apna experience hota h .

HR-so  tumhari strength kiya h?

me- told ( they cross question you in your words remember).

HR-tumhari weakness?

me- told blah blah blah…..

HR-so thoda technical k bare me baten kare?

me- yes sir, as your wish.

HR- which is your favorite subject?

me- OOPS.

HR-tell me what is polymorphism?


TR-data structure?

me- i said, i am quite weak in dis.



me- explained.

TR-how to find an element in stack?

me- told by push pop concept.

HR- y do i hire you?

me- tell about my strengths.
Then HR askd TR sir kuch aur puchna h kia.
He said no then they asked any questions for us.
me- kabse join karskta hun sir…hhaahahha

Hr- btate h join kbse karna h ya nh b karna..

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