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Thought works 2013- Candidates experiences shared with us !! Thougtworks latest an new placement papers. Thought works coding questions interview questions placement papers questions

Thought works visited our college GNDU in 2013 batch. Here is a short description of Thoughtworks interview and other procedure from my side to help my friends So, every company have different requirement according to the position. Thought works is purely a technical company and have a group of great talented curious person so they are looking for the same.

The hiring procedure of Thought works include 5 rounds.
1) Written Test-Flow chart Test
2) Pair Programming Round
3) Technical Interview Round 1
4) Technical Interview Round 2
5) HR Round.

Thought works Written Test: Flow chart Test
Written Test will not a aptitude test. it wouldn’t contain any quantitative or reasoning question. It will a flow chart round which would be difficult to crack. Appox. only around 10% clear this round but again practice make the man perfect but still it will not easy to crack because you don’t know the correct answers and even your answers are correct but you cant remember the answer and it would become difficult to solve the paper again in such strict time limit. Keep in mind that you are not alone who have paper everyone have paper in there hands prior So practice very hard.

Around 400 student participated but only 31 was able to crack this round so practice hard.

Pair Programming Round:
In this round they will give you 1 problem and you have to break down the logic and code that problem with the help of your programming partner(a person from the side of TW) in your favorite language. Main thing is that you have to take deep care of coding scenario and naming conventions and if your are coding in object oriented language then you have to follow all the rules of OOPS.

Look at the naming convention adopted in this code. don’t go for logic in deep and keep talking with your partner during this round tell him each & everything what you are going to do. Your logic, the Name conventions, why you adopted for particular programming language, everything share with him/her.

Only 8 students left after this round.

Technical Round 1: please be prepared. The interview is not like a other companies interview they will ask you simple question. Pattern is very much different.

This is 2-to-1 round, you will interviewed by 2 person. The interview will start with OPPS design question in UML.
Like: Design Regulator of FAN
Design Chess Game.
Design Model for university.
And many more……
for cracking this round read OOPS book by Rambaugh.

After reading this book practice your hand on live Problems.

After opps design question they might go for a puzzles. some Algorithm design question and some question on Data Structure.

Only 1 student left after this round.

Technical Round 2 and HR In this round they will ask you some new problem from the same domain like oops, DS, ADA. Keep in mind that keep talking with interviewer tell him/her everything.
“Why Thoughtworks, What are you expectations from Thoughtworks”,“What you can contribute to Thoughtworks, what your vision is and what you bring to the table”

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Madam just wanna know did al this round happen in a single day continuously?