Unisys latest placement papers questions with answers

Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper Quantitative

Unisys Engineers -Data base-interview and Test procedure Unisys latest placement papers questions with answers

For Data base Interview questions asked in Unisys
Unisys Interview Included
IQ / Intelligence Test
Technical Test
On line Test

Questions Asked in Unisys Technical Interview
.Net Questions
What are the Advantages of ADO.Net?

Which method do you use to redirect the user to another page without performing a round trip to the client?

How to find exceptions in database

Applications running in different App Domains can't communicate with each other:

How would one do a deep copy in .NET?

Java Questions
Name two subclasses of the Text Component class?
What is the main functionality of the Remote Reference Layer?
What are the various ways of creating a thread. What is difference between them?
What is the Set interface?
What is international staffing or consulting?

Data Structures

What's the max look up time for a binary tree?
merge two linklist without using any extra space…
WAP for inplace removal of vowels from a char string
reverse the string word by word e.g. "My name is pradeep" .. o/p shd be "pradeep is name My" …intwer expecting a 1 traversal algo
Assume that a full binary search tree is represented in an array with the heap like structure, (ie) A[i]'s left child is stored in A[2i) and the right child is in A(2i + 1]. Given an index 'i' return the index of the inorder successor of the eleme…

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