The test consisted of 3 sections 50 or 30 questions each. all were objective questions havin 4 or 5 choices.

section 1 – basic maths (30 min)

questions are easy. the paper is basically a test of fundamentals & speed.
consisted of questions on basic maths that you learn in 12th n first year of engineering.
just know the basics of functions, sets & relations well.
definitions of stuff like order of ordinary differential equation bcoz u r asked to identify a given differential equation.
know basics of geometry well and funda of folds i.e. a given piece of paper if folded along given lines will give wat shape.
fundas of equation solving, determinants & matrices. the determinant usually is zero magnitude.

section 2 – basic mechanical & general Engineering 40 min

this section separates the best from the rest. questions are only concept based.
all subjects are covered in one way or other.
know the fundas of pulleys n other basic mechanics stuff.
if u havent studied automobile engineering then just go thru functions of fundamental stuff like differential, overdrive, gears, clutch.
know wat type motors are used in machines like Lathe etc.
one question was on crystal structure of graphite( Ans: HCP)

section 3 – reasoning 30min

this was the toughest in terms of time management.
its virtually impossible to solve even 100% questions even if ur CAT preps are at peak. i put blind guesses the last minute for abt 15-20 questions.
the questions were basically finding pattern, breaking codes n the fundas of assumptions, conclusions .. the one u have in CAT.

I am not sure if they have a section wise cutoff or overall cutoff. but all ppl above the minimum cutoff are shortlisted for interview.
It was raining heavily so none of were in either formals or wid our files. but the HR was cool. he said dont bother for dresses.
As for the files he said they are not needed if u can explain ur project or training well.
so there i was wearing a tight T-shirt n faded jeans facin my biggest interview till date.

interviews were Tech+HR combined 20-40mins duration each.
stress was on how much you have learnty frm ur summer project n how much can u relate it to the real stuff.

I was the last person in.

First the HR tried to corner me. He told me why i was not angry since they made me wait for so long. (i turn came at 2:30pm whereas the time given by them was 1:00pm)
He asked me if my time was so worthless that i can be made to wait any amt of time by anytime. but i countered him by saying that “waitin for the Interview by your company is worth the wait”.
He seemed very impressed. They then asked me a few tech questions which i answered well. then came my masterstroke. i told them i hadnt learnt Automobile engineering as it was in the final yeat.
I told the surprisded lot that I had learnt by myself thru internet. then they asked me a lot of questions regarding Automobile engineering n i just kept surprising them wid my answers.
Then a few out of syllabus questions frm Manufacturing processes which i answered n pointed that the they were not in my syllabus but i had read abt them in the books. they were again surprised
n commented that i was way ahead of my course. Then asked abt wat n where did i do my summer projects. i gave a brief introduction abt both of them. I told them i knew “FLUENT”- a CFD software which surprised them again.them again.
Then they asked me my first choice i.e. R&D or Production or Marketing. I answered even b4 he finished “R&D”. Then he asked me the second choice: “No second option”. Then they adviced me for abt 5mins on that. In the end i told that i was open for the first two but not marketing.
Then they asked few HR questions like family background n other usual stuff. In the end they asked if i wanted to ask them sumthin.
I asked them abt the performance appraisal in their company. its very important that u ask them a good question. use the Internet n find out good q’s.
The HR was specially very impressed by me. He told me i was the best n it was a great performance.

Then he took me n another guy for a movie “SARKAR” n then for dinner. It was a great day.
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