The Entire Procedure took 5 rounds
a) The Aptitude Test(Time:40 mins,40 ques)(Difficulty level:easy)
b) The Technical Round(Time:40 mins,75 ques)(–do—:Difficult)
c) Group Discussion Round
d) Technical Round
e) HR Round

It all Started with PPT around 9 am in the morning.

The Aptitude Test
1)There are 3 piles of books on the table you need to arrange them in the self such that 1st book of each pile gets placed on the self,what is the possible no of arrangements:
a)12!    b)12C3 * 9C4 c)12^12 d)none

2)Price of a book increases 15% successively (2times) what is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price:
a)32.25%    b)23.34%    c)36%    d)39%

3)There are 3 mixtures when mixed in the ratio of 3:4:5 price was 240.When mixed with 6:4:9 price was 340.what’s the price when mixed in 5:6:8 ration price is_________

4)One question based on Venn Diagram.75 total no of students.25 don’t know typing,50 know shorthand.then question were based on find no of students dont knwing both etc.

5)One person has 2 child.At least one of them was a girl.Then the Probability that 2 of the are girl is_____
a)1/2    b)1/4    c)0.36    d)1

6)Swati when get married to jayanta her age was 3/4 th of her husband’s age.After 12 years her age became 5/6 th of her husband’s age.Then what’s the age of swati when she got married??

then what’s the value of y???

8)some passages were there based on illegal drugs smuggling and based on this some questions.

9)Some Analogy Questions: some i do remeber like SYCOPHANTIC: FLATTER SILENT: QUIET others i dont remember.

10)Some questions based on
if  f(x,0)=x+1

then find f(1,1),f(2,3),f(3,0) etc and some relations based on this very easy

11)One question based on the average speed

12)one question based on Sudoku type very easy,u can do it in one attempt.

The Technical Round (Written Tech.)

It involved mainly questions from Pointers,Arrays,Networking,RDBMS,MICROPORCESSORS,MICROCONTROLLERS try to solve the previous question papres on Technical on C & C++.This section is tough and time taking,major elemination takes place in this round.

GD round
we were around 55 in numbers ,divided into 9 groups approx in each 6 people.Our topic was “LOVE MARRIAGE AND ARRANGE MARRIAGE”.We made the GD topic so hoarsing that the HR person was compelled to interrupt.From our group 3 were dropped.They see your way of talking mainly and your patience to stand i a queue to give your views and ideas.

After GD we were around 45 got shortlisted.

The Technical Round
He asked me about my CGPA,was  a very decent man ,an alumnus of our college.Which parts of programming are u strong at?
Then asked me about the Logic of Prime no,Bubble sorting,linked list,merge sort etc.(Basics),One logic based on the odd no i don’t remember exactly.

The HR Round
Tell me something about yourself??
Family Back Ground?
What’s your strengths and weakness?
Who keeps you motivating towards your goal?
Do you hv any other offers with you right now?
Why CSC?
Which Platform Do u want to work on?
Are you flexible about locations in India and outside India?
Thank you.Just wait out side for the results. Results:
The result was declared around 2:30 AM in the midnight and around 22 of us got selected and 3 of my branch including me.Most of them were form Comps.Engg.

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