hi, all!
i am Kavita Gupta, i am placed in CSC recently on 14th july 2006 so i m sharing my experience of CSC and whtever i remember abt questions.

frnds i remember only those questions wich vr aksed from me
and as ther r many questions interview was very long so i m posting questions subjectwise
1) whn u open web browser, thn wht will happen wht do u do first thing?
2) wht u write first thing, i said DNS or webaddress concept thtn he asked complete web adress like i told
thn he asked meaning of each word-http,www,com etc
3) wht is URL
4) tel complete procedure how a site open after opening explorer
5) other layers understand DNS or not if not thn wht will happen (concept of mapping to ip adress comes here) thy asked how mapping takes place and at wich layer
6) dns procedure use wht tcp/ip or osi
7) how many layers in tcp/ip and wich layers are extra in osi model
8) tcp/ip conection oriented or conectionless
9) wht is DNs he was trying to ask in detail but as i havnot read so i said tht
10) wht is arp
11) wht is rarp
12) wht is ATM(asynchronous mode transfer)
1) wht is primary key
2) if ther is no primary key how will u uniquely identify each tuple (i said composite key or super key)
3) diff between tuple and attribute
4) wht r anomalies explain each in detail (like insertion anomaly deletion and modification anomaly)
5) wht is foreign key constraint
6) if i want to delete a tuple from a table having reference in so other table thn wht will happen (concept of cascade comes else error)
7) wht r triggers explain
8) if i want to hav som tuples havind null value wht to do (outer join)
9) wht if i join two tables and no primary key (spurious tuples generate redundant data)
10) he asked me wht will u do if need to retrieve this so basically query
and select first four tuples
select *
from employee
where salary
thn apply rownum<=4 to select first four tuples
11) diff betweenoracle 9i and oracle 8
12) diff between dbms, rdbms, ordbms

1) wht is os
2) wht is a process
3) diff between process and thread
4) if threads share data section wht will happen
(concept of semaphore and crtitcal section comes so )
5) wht is semaphore
6) wht other thing semaphore do except synchronisation
7) wht else happen in threads and process so deadlock concept comes
8) deadlocks, and i told abt 4 conditons of deadlocks also
9) in os wher do u use stacks and queues
(like stacks for saving process satate , on system call context switch etc and queue in scheduling so he asked do we hav only fifo scheduling)
10) so types of scheduling

Data Structure
1) u hav fifteen boxes in kitchen and ur mom asked u to make foos for 1 month, wht will u do to make food fast (thn concept of sorting came)
i said i will put name tag on boxes and thn sort thm in ascending order or i can put thm in order of color shade firstly lightest and thn little darker and soon but tht can create confusion so first is better way
2)u hav 1000 names in unorder manner and i asked u to pick any name of my choice randomly and thn giv me complete info of tht person so wht ds will u use
i said firstly i will sort thm thn i will use hashing/btrees as thy r faster in decreasing search domain,
thy asked wich sort will u use
i said radix as good for strings , he asked if one more name increase or decrease i said radix sort take linear time so doesnot affect much on time
he said if names r vary in length like one is venkateshraman other is raj i said sort from 3rd last letter or use padding.
3) wht is heapsort, concept . wher u can apply it
4) wht all ds u know
i said heaps binomial fiboncaai, liked list stacks queues trees arrays etc
5) advantage and disadvantage of linked list and array over each other in temrs of memory allocation
6) insert and delete a node in a linked list write a code(not from me)

basically thy asked asll application based question on data structure
1) he write a java code of swapping to name via calling object as parameter and asked whther result will reflect in main or not
(as object passed as a reference so reuslt will be reflected)
2) in java we use call by reference or call by value
3) wht r interfaces
4) diff between interfaces and abstraction
– before going for interview i hav heard tht thy ask ur fav subject note tht and thn asked ques accordingly but today thy start taking interview without asking any fav subjects from all of us
– so be prpeared for DBMS, os, ds, java, networks and c/c++(little bit)
– n/w questions vr all concept based no theory thy just want to see how things happen
-either u’ll go offcampus or oncampus thy take 35 minutes to 1 hr interview of each person). mine was 35 minutes so u can see no of ques asked think abt my frnd whose interview was of complete 1 hr even whn we vr oncampus

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